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The little dears.


Here are a couple of gems from my friends:

“Son: Mommy, does your name have any L’s like mine?
Mom: Let’s sound it out and see!
Son: Aim–ee… nope, no L’s.
Mom: Great job!
Son: So how about we call you “Lame-y”?
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Lord, let me blend in with the wall!

St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning

St. Peter’s Basilica at Early Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia) P.S. This wasn’t the church I was at!

When my youngest was born, she made her first church appearance just a few days later. Being understandably tired, we didn’t make it to our usual Mass, but went to an 11:00 a.m. at a church I’m not as familiar with. The baby slept wonderfully through Mass until just before the end. When she began to cry, I picked her up and looked around for a private hidey-hole in which to discreetly feed her. Then I spotted a folding  chair in a dark corner, far from any people. Perfect!

A minute later, Mass was over and I soon discovered a crucial architectural structure that I had previously overlooked: Read the rest of this entry

Thank Heaven for little girls


While sitting with some other moms at my son’s baptism reception, one of them alerted me to the fact that the kids were playing with a doll–a gender specific doll. A group of little girls were giggling while watching my seven-year-old daughter make her male doll Read the rest of this entry

That’s information I didn’t need to know, thank you.

That's My Mommy

Well, of course his mom’s tushy waddles.

Seeing me in my room in a bra and underwear, my four-year-old son asked, “Mommy, how come when you walk your tushy goes side to side?””What?!” I exclaimed.

He responded, “You know, side to side, side to side.”

I was a little appalled and just said, “It’s because I’m a mommy.”

I started walking away, feeling his eyes boring into me, and heard him muttering, Read the rest of this entry

I deny everything!

family room

family room (Photo credit: Teny Jr)

I was sitting in the family room with my three sons, who were playing happily. Then the phone rang, and, when I stood up to answer it, I……passed gas. I hoped my sons were too distracted to notice, but right after I clicked “talk” on the phone, my sweet, little two-year-old called, Read the rest of this entry

Why can’t I just have a CHICKEN POT PIE?!


Banquet Chicken Pot Pie

Sometimes pregnancy hormones make you feel like you’re insane.  When I was about nine-weeks pregnant, we were on a road trip, and finding something that I thought I could eat was a challenge.  The one thing that actually sounded good was chicken pot pie, so when we saw a Cracker Barrel, I thought I was good to go.  Read the rest of this entry

It’s laundry day, okay?!


home alone

I watched through the window as my son got off the school bus and walked across the street. I thought it rather odd that he was holding his hands up to his face, much like Macaulay Caulkin’s famous Home Alone picture. Intrigued, I went outside to greet him. When I got to the mail box, the cause of his shock became dreadfully apparent. There, at the end of our driveway, stood Read the rest of this entry