It’s laundry day, okay?!


home alone

I watched through the window as my son got off the school bus and walked across the street. I thought it rather odd that he was holding his hands up to his face, much like Macaulay Caulkin’s famous Home Alone picture. Intrigued, I went outside to greet him. When I got to the mail box, the cause of his shock became dreadfully apparent. There, at the end of our driveway, stood my three-year-old daughter, without a stitch of clothing on her body, in full view of the bus driver and all the gawking students on the bus. I almost wish I had just stayed inside.

-Becky, mother of 4

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    • Yea, funny for us, to whom it didn’t happen. Becky, mother of 4, has the best stories on here. I’m so glad she’s my sister, and therefore I get free reign to share them with the world on her red-faced behalf!


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