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The joys of homeschooling


I just came across this facebook post of mine from a couple years ago. It still cracks me up so I thought I’d share:

Phonics and spelling assessment for one child + math unit review for another = Momma gets to have a little a-d-d-i-t-i-o-n to her lemonade today!

vodka+ lemonade

= temporary relief from insanity

Remember, faithful readers, when my oldest came up with a handy excuse for her spelling mistakes, ala “a letter was missing because it wasn’t invited to the word party,” or the quotation marks were so low because “they had rocks in their boots”?

The latest came when the printer was running low on ink and the bottom halves of a few lines were faint to non-existent. My daughter said Read the rest of this entry

The homeschooling gods are smiling upon me


There are four weeks left of school. With another week of phonics looming, I grabbed the pile of my daughter’s first grade sight words.

Here is the pile: On the left is what we’ve done so far. On the right is what we have left to do.

z 006

As I picked up the smaller stack to look for next week’s words, these were the three words on top of the pile: Read the rest of this entry

She must have boys

The Kid's Table

The Kid’s Table (Photo credit: Michael Bentley)

The conversation at the lunch table today:
“T is for toot.”
“F is for fart.”
“P is for poop.” Read the rest of this entry

Show some respect for authority.


When I was homeschooling my oldest son, his little brother, too young for school, came to the table and asked what we were doing. When we told him, he said, “Can I come too?”  I said sure. He sat down and then said, “What do I do now, teacher?”  His older brother, who was busy with his own work, corrected him saying, Read the rest of this entry

How to know when your child isn’t paying attention


You ask a question like this:

“What were the books in Ashurbanipal’s library made from?” [Ashurbanipal was an Assyrian king. (I’d never heard of him either.)]

And your child answers: Read the rest of this entry

Gold star for honesty!


We are reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit for school. After reading it the first time, we are discussing how Mrs. Rabbit has four bunnies and we have four kids in our family. I ask the kids if we have a “naughty” Peter Rabbit in our family. My oldest daughter jumps up with her hand in the air… Read the rest of this entry