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Why can’t I just have a CHICKEN POT PIE?!


Banquet Chicken Pot Pie

Sometimes pregnancy hormones make you feel like you’re insane.  When I was about nine-weeks pregnant, we were on a road trip, and finding something that I thought I could eat was a challenge.  The one thing that actually sounded good was chicken pot pie, so when we saw a Cracker Barrel, I thought I was good to go.  Read the rest of this entry

Hey! Giving birth over here!


When I was in labor at the hospital, O.J. Simpson was driving his white Bronco down a long stretch of highway, being chased by police cars and helicopters. Footage of this was on the TV in the delivery room. All the adults standing in the room were enthralled watching the screen. I just laid there, waiting for them to remember that there was a woman about to give birth in the room! Eventually they came to and lent a hand. No, I did not name my baby after O.J! ~Betsy, mother of 6 Read the rest of this entry

Male labor pains


When I was in labor at the hospital, my husband was working away on his laptop. Things weren’t progressing quickly for me, and I was far from comfortable, but my very work-oriented husband wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to conduct some business. When the nurse finished checking my vitals, fluffing my pillow and smoothing my blanket, my husband said to her, “I’ve got a headache. Can I get an aspirin or something?” I just about threw my pillow at him. Barbara, mother of 4

Water breaking is no laughing matter


I heard of a woman whose water broke while getting a pedicure. She waddled off to the bathroom with the foam still between her toes.

Another woman’s water broke at home.  When her husband met her at the hospital, opening the car door for her, the water flowed out onto the parking lot! Read the rest of this entry