The little dears.


Here are a couple of gems from my friends:

“Son: Mommy, does your name have any L’s like mine?
Mom: Let’s sound it out and see!
Son: Aim–ee… nope, no L’s.
Mom: Great job!
Son: So how about we call you “Lame-y”?

“First day back to schooling, my daughter is writing down all the words she knows. Her stream of association: BAT – CAT – FAT – MOM. Things are off to a grrrrrrrreat start.”

This reminds me of another great message from a child to his mother.


On a happier note, my five-year-old recently told me, “Mommy, I love you so so much, and I’m even going to love you so so much when I’m older.”

I’d like that in writing, please, to show you ten years from now.

How about you all? Do you think your mom is lame or fat? Do you love her anyway?

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  1. Ha, definitely get that in writing, because when they’re teens they’ll deny it ’till they’re blue in the face. 😉

    I don’t think my mother is fat or lame. Which is what I have to think because I take so much after her.

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  2. Yes, you want moments like that in writing or at least on video or a picture. These memories will come in handy when your darling brings home a date or possible spouse. Endless possibilities for fun and blackmail…


  3. Cute! For some reason my 14 year old son doesn’t like to be reminded that he used to say he wanted to marry me. I’m glad I kept all the little cards and so on that they wrote me when they were little declaring their love and how I’m the best mum in the world – it really helps to get me through the teenage years 🙂


  4. She’s lame AND fat, and “Yes, I still love her!” (Just kidding….she’s “goofy” and a little “fluffy” in the midriff section, but she’s my Mom and I’ll keep her!) ❤


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