Why can’t I just have a CHICKEN POT PIE?!


Banquet Chicken Pot Pie

Sometimes pregnancy hormones make you feel like you’re insane.  When I was about nine-weeks pregnant, we were on a road trip, and finding something that I thought I could eat was a challenge.  The one thing that actually sounded good was chicken pot pie, so when we saw a Cracker Barrel, I thought I was good to go.  Reading the menu, I was beyond disappointed to see that chicken pot pie was only served on Wednesdays – and it was not Wednesday.  I actually cried!  The whole scene made me laugh at the same time.  I was relieved when the lights went out due to a thunderstorm. I slipped off to the bathroom without being seen, so I could pull myself together!

Susannah, mother of 2

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  1. You know how some movies end in cliff-hanger fashion? I guess you are to just “figure out” the ending…or project whatever ending makes you happy…or sad…or whatever. But this is NOT a movie…What did she eat?! Did she eat anything? Did she come back on Wednesday? Arg…how did it end?


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