Where can I find a sign that says “Read the sign”?


I saw them heading up my driveway, a mother and her daughter, most likely. They didn’t carry chocolate or cookies, they carried paper, pamphlets of some sort. As any rational adult would do in this situation, I hid. Unfortunately, the windows along my escape route had sheer curtains, so my best recourse was hiding behind the door, down low because of the glass near the top.

Not my finest moment.

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Have we met?

Hey, you're a Phil, too?

Hey, you’re a Phil, too?

We had friends over for a game night recently. One of our guests was Phil. He relayed a story of having met the San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers… for the second time. You see, he had met this preeminently famous San Diegan once before and, on the second meeting, forgot. his. name. Mind you, this friend’s name is Phil. The quarterback’s name is Phil-ip. You’d think that would be memorable to a Phil, right? But not only, on his second meeting, did he ASK PHILIP RIVERS HIS NAME!!!!! But then he asked, Read the rest of this entry

Friday Funnies: Three Brothers Re-Create Old Photos For Mom



Something fun for a Friday. Enjoy! :)

(Sorry some of the photos are cut off. Go to the original site to see them in full.)

Originally posted on Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar:

When I ran across this article on ABC News and found myself fully laughing out loud, I new it would be perfect to share with all of you for this weeks Friday Funnies! News to me…I guess it is now a popular trend for grown-up children to re-create childhood photos to make funny calendars for their parents.  This might be the best execution of this idea that I have seen!  I won’t lie….it’s got my wheels turning in my head for my Lil Bro and I to take this idea on.  I absolutely love it!  HAHAHAHA!!!!  :D

brothers create calendar for mom old photosbrothers create calendar for mom old photosimgur

brothers create calendar for mom old photosbrothers create calendar for mom old photosbrothers create calendar for mom old photosbrothers create calendar for mom old photosbrothers create calendar for mom old photosbrothers create calendar for mom old photos

brothers create calendar for mom old photosbrothers create calendar for mom old photos

brothers create calendar for mom old photos

Credit: ABC News

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I wish I could take credit for this genius remark


Last Friday I received a package in the mail from the publisher of the book I co-authored, 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage. It was two copies of the book but with a completely different look. Bewildered, I read the accompanying letter and discovered that Pauline Publications India was republishing our book!

I was floored! I immediately picked up my phone to call Jennifer, my co-author. As I was about to push the button for her number, she called me. I answered, “I was just dialing your number!” (How long before that statement makes no sense any more?)

“Did you get your mail today?” she asked.

“That’s what I was going to say to you!”

We did our own respective happy dances. Mine involved jumping on various pieces of furniture. I would imagine her response was more sedate and stately. (Fine, I didn’t jump on any furniture. I probably did a bit of hopping up and down, though.) We could hardly believe it. We’d gone international!

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How to Have a Happy Marriage (Even when You’re Busy with Kids)


Nina at sleepingshouldbeeasy.com asked me to do a guest post on the above topic. And so I did! Having a happy marriage is what I’m all about. You could even say I wrote the book on it. Oh, wait! I did!

Thanks, Nina, for posting! You can find my article on her website here.

P.S. It was also posted on Mercatornet.com and CreativeMinorityReport, in case you happen to frequent either of those.

The wonders of the internet


My stomach hurts just looking at this.

My oldest was watching an educational video about flatworms. Yum! I watched the starfish one with her, but let her handle this video on her own. I had dinner to consider, after all.

When it was over she came to give me her report. This is what she learned about flatworms:

“Mommy, did you know that flatworms are both male and female? And when they mate, they fight each other. The loser has to Read the rest of this entry

Not rooting for Wilbur

That's soooome pig!

That’s soooome pig!

I’m reading Charlotte’s Web to my girls. We are currently at the part at the fair where Wilbur is, as always, worried that he’ll be killed. Charlotte assures him he will win a ribbon and won’t be killed. Nice, right?

So, at dinner, my four-year-old takes a bite of meat and says, “Mmmm… Yum-my! This tastes like DEAD PIG!”

Sigh. Then later I asked if she’d like some carrots. She said, “Yes, please, and more dead pig!”

Good grief. I’m not placing money on her becoming a vegetarian.

Since Nikitaland asked for funny stories about my husband, here’s a bonus for you: Read the rest of this entry