“There must be more than this provincial liiiiiiiife!”


When I saw this library ladder I immediately put it on my mental bucket list and then crossed it off. Climbing one of these would have been on it already if I had only thought of it. One woman even walked by and said, “It’s Belle!” Precisely. Now I have lived! If only I had a house with a library like this… and a lovely fainting couch to lounge on… and a smoking jacket, which is really just a rich man’s slanket.


Speaking of books, I have an upcoming interview with one of my favorite authors, Christopher Healy of the Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom series, so stay tuned!


Dust Must Plus


I’ve come up with a new rule of life: If you can see the dust, you should endeavor to remove the dust. This is why I now dust in the dark.

So get this: There’s this light cover for the ceiling fan that came with the house. It’s yellow/orange with three brown streaks. Very rustic looking. Kind of cool. However, it blocks so much of the light from the bulb that we just leave the cover off and let the bulb be exposed.

In my crazy cleaning/dusting kick, I decided to dust out the inside of the light cover that’s just been sitting above the tv. When I did, I noticed it was kind of … greasy? So I got a wet soapy rag and cleaned it out. Turns out the yellow/orange/brown was NOT this fixture’s original color. Read the rest of this entry

Not exactly a glass-half-full kind of kid


My husband missed dinner because a work meeting ran long. As I was serving our youngest her food she said, “It feels like Dad died.”

“That’s a sad thing to say!”

She looked down, thought about it for a while, and then changed her statement to Read the rest of this entry

Hamster juice


At my daughter’s birthday party, we discussed cake decorating.

In honor of my daughter’s best birthday present, someone said, “You could just put the hamster on the cake.”

E, my youngest, said, “Then you might get hamster juice on it.” After a long pause, she added, “That’s hamster pee.”

“Yes, we got it. Thank you,” I said to her.

Somehow that spurred her onward instead of silencing her. Read the rest of this entry

It’s a zoo in here!


My kitchen is no longer safe. Wild animals have taken it over. I guess this is what happens when Mommy sleeps in. The children have a field day. And no doubt had a wonderful time. They certainly enjoyed me finding all the animals. Here are several of the places I found them. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Easter, hamster!


My two redheaded daughters made cards for our hamster, Rapunzel–so named because she’s a Syrian long-hair. She’s so fluffy I’ve had to cut out bedding that got tangled in her hair.

One card said “Happy Easter” with a picture of foods she likes to eat such as carrots, broccoli, clover flowers, yogurt treats, and hamster pellets. Inside my daughter wrote, Read the rest of this entry

Whose kid is this?!


My sweet, darling, adorable red-headed six-year-old, E, never ceases to astound me. But not always for good reason.

Here’s an exchange between her and her older sister, L, while they stirred up strawberry jello.

E: It’s blood.
L: No, it’s a flood.
E: It’s a flood of blood.
L: No, it’s a strawberry flood.
E: It’s a flood of strawberry blood.
Read the rest of this entry