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On second thought, YOU can check



Lucas goes airborne while washing hands

Someone’s good kid washing his hands.


My four-year-old doesn’t always take the time to wash her hands after using the bathroom. Because of this, we began asking to smell her hands when she returned. Our  scented soap made it obvious with one sniff whether or not her hands were clean.


One night when I asked, she didn’t just hold her hand out an inch or two from my nose, as she normally did. This time she put one hand on my cheek and the other up against my nostrils. Then she said, with a big smile, Read the rest of this entry

Talk about the ultimate backfire

English: The Monkey brains in the Manchu Han I...

The Monkey brains in the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture, Fo Tan, Hong Kong(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My three-year-old was being even more of a picky eater than usual. When I was struggling to get her to touch her chicken, I thought providing a less desirable option would do the trick. So I asked her, “Do you want to eat your chicken or Read the rest of this entry

What a disappointment!

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Ak...

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Akita, Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I asked my four-year-old about a fun supper we had on vacation and what her favorite part of it was.  She smiled and said, “The ice cream.” I responded, “No, I mean, what REAL food did you like?” Her brow furrowed as she asked, Read the rest of this entry

You were thirsty and I gave you…eh, nevermind

Kids Playing in the Dirt

Kids Playing in the Dirt (Photo credit: iChris)

We had two cubic yards of dirt delivered and dumped next to our driveway. I immediately got to work with a shovel and wheelbarrow, transporting the dirt all the way around to the side of the house where I needed it. It was a hot day and tiring work. My seven and five-year-old daughters were skipping along at my heels, to and fro. Finally I stopped, wiped my brow and said, “This is hard work. I could use some cold water.” My daughters immediately looked at each other with an expression of sudden inspiration. “We should help Dad!” one declared to the other, who answered with a nod. As I began to smile with satisfaction at my thoughtful, charitable little girls, my face suddenly fell as, instead of running inside for a glass of cool liquid refreshment, they each Read the rest of this entry

An honest question deserves an honest answer

Children asleep on bed during square dance, Mc...

If only it were this easy.

Our son was having a difficult time staying in his room at bedtime. After putting him back in bed for what seemed like the twelfth time, I was exasperated. So when he came out yet again, I asked him, “What can I do to get you to stay in your room?!” With total sincerity, he looked up at me and answered, Read the rest of this entry