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How’s that go again?

English: Front view of Angelo acquasantiera at...

English: Front view of Angelo acquasantiera at Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rome. Holy water font. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My two-year-old after Mass was blessing himself with holy water saying “Father, Son, Read the rest of this entry

What a holy little boy!

Window at Parish Church of St Peter, Frampton ...

Window at Parish Church of St Peter, Frampton Cotterell, England (Photo credit: DanieVDM)

I was sitting in the last pew at church, nursing the baby. When one of my nursing pads became full, I replaced it with a new one and set the old one down on the seat next to me. Before I could stop him, my five-year-old son grabbed the soggy white circle, stuck it on the top of his head, and ran up the aisle yelling, Read the rest of this entry



My two-year-old daughter was an aspiring nudist. It was not uncommon to find her in the backyard naked with princess high heels pushing her baby in the baby stroller. Around the house it was annoying but did not cause us real concern until Sunday. During church, she stepped out into Read the rest of this entry

Better leave the fashion to the females.


One Sunday my husband was in charge of getting our sons ready for Mass and then meeting me at the church. When he arrived with the boys, it was quickly apparent that my husband is not as in tune with our children’s wardrobes as I am. Read the rest of this entry

A child’s favorite part of Mass


When my husband and I were in the foster care business, the children we took care of went to Mass with the rest of the family. One fifth grade boy living with us was clearly not fond of this new routine. He showed his disfavor when we reached the part of the Mass where the priest says, Read the rest of this entry

Now that you mention it, I could use some


On the feast of Corpus Christi, at Communion time, instead of “Body of Christ,” the priest said, “Corpus Christi.” My young son next to me in the pew, said in the loud whisper perfected by children in the most inappropriate of situations, Read the rest of this entry

Lather, … wait. What are the next two steps?


Before Mass on Sunday I lined the boys up to cut their hair. When I finished the last one’s, the 8-year-old’s, I told him to quickly shower to get all the loose hairs out. Instead of showering, he decided to wash his hair in the sink. It wasn’t until I was walking behind him on the way up to Communion that I saw the matted sections of hair from where he had put shampoo, but obviously not rinsed it out very well. In addition Read the rest of this entry

Mass appeal


These two stories are from Leslie, mother of 4

My son hated going to Mass, and I mean hated! On his fifth birthday I told him we were going to a birthday party, which we were, but I didn’t tell him that we were first going to daily Mass. We made our way into the church and sat down among all the old women before Read the rest of this entry