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Another post about poop–I’m sorry!


My sister eagerly shared this story with me, promising, “Here’s a story for your blog!” After I heard it, I paused. Finally I agreed. “Alright, sure,” I said. 

I heard it, so now you have to read it. Here goes, in her words, roughly.

Bridget [three-years-old] had such a giant poop that it was nearly coming out of the kid potty. I had to call her father in to see it, it was so big. We agreed that it bore a striking resemblance to Read the rest of this entry

Neat trick, Dad!

Faucet in a Japanese park

Faucet in a Japanese park (Wikipedia) That’s not water, kid.


When my son was nearing two-years-old, we decided it was time to start the process of potty training.  The first step in this procedure was the “show and tell” portion.  Well, my son decided the “show” part was pretty cool.  In fact, he thought dad had a built in faucet, and that it was a good time to Read the rest of this entry

“Look what I can do!”


My son was so proud of himself when he learned how to potty train that one day, when he needed to go, while in the middle of a busy parking lot, Read the rest of this entry

Best potty training motivator ever


Most parents offer their children a piece of candy or a small gift when potty training. Not me. I said, “What do you want, kid? A Cadillac? A trip to Hawaii? I’ll give you anything if you use the potty. Just name it.” Finally we settled on Read the rest of this entry

If only there was a super hero whose super power was using the potty!


My three-year-old son is obsessed with Spiderman.  His favorite villain to battle while donning his costume is the Green Goblin. He pretends to be dodging pumpkin bombs, which is the weapon most commonly used by the Green Goblin.

A few days after Halloween, he wet his pants. I took them off and was cleaning up the floor when he yelled from the dining room, Read the rest of this entry

When nature calls….


When we were trying to potty train our third, he was having a hard time with number two on the potty. He would actually hold it in until he was constipated, unless I would put a diaper on him and let him do his thing.

We weren’t sure what we were going to do about this until one summer day he comes in the house all proud and tells me he just pooped. Read the rest of this entry