Join us for some adult education… and entertainment!


After church one Sunday, my husband stayed in the chapel to pray, and I went to the hall to listen to an adult education talk with our 18-month-old daughter. I was really enjoying the talk until my daughter got away and ran with her speedy little feet onto the stage in front of everyone. I followed but was no match. At eight months pregnant, clumsy, and in a dress, I was at the mercy of my child who thought running back and forth on the stage laughing, while I hobbled below trying to catch her was the best time ever.

Realizing all eyes were on us and this commotion, and that I’d never catch her, I stopped and waited for her to come close enough to snatch. Finally, I grabbed that little sprinter and left. My husband, having missed the whole thing, got a good laugh at my red face and sweaty temples. I’m glad at least somebody did.

Sarah, mother of 5

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