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Must have been an arranged marriage


My five-year-old daughter and a friend were discussing relationships.  The concept of friendship came up, and she declared, “Mom and Dad aren’t friends!  They’re Read the rest of this entry

Is this how you greet all your relatives?

Mother and Child

(Photo credit: gem66)

When my daughter was about four or five, visiting her grandmother, my mom was telling her about her family. My daughter was asking questions about my mother’s mom and dad.  My mom told her that her mother was still alive, but her father, whom my daughter had never met, had died.   A few minutes later MY father walked into the room and my daughter yelled, Read the rest of this entry

A Father’s Day Tribute


Father's Day Cake 2009

I’m reblogging this from my virtual friend, Defining Motherhood. She conducted this survey with her children, and it is just too cute!

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

Son (5½):  Cause it’s like having an extra birthday for grown ups.

Daughter (3): Because I like it!


What kind of present do you think Daddy wants for Father’s Day?

Son: A book.  Like, some sort of Encyclopedia Britannica kind of book.

Daughter: Some paper.


What are some of the things Daddy does for our family?

Son: He plays with us.  Also, he fixes stuff and vacuums the floor sometimes.

Daughter: He reads books and tells us lizard stories.  He gives us back rubs.


Me:  How is your dad different from other dads?

Son: He lives in our house.

Daughter: His talking. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas plays make for some great hunting practice


As we were sitting and watching the live Nativity play, there were sweet hymns being sung. It was a peaceful, spiritual moment. Suddenly I heard a strange noise. I looked over to see my six-year-old son Read the rest of this entry

Kids know the truth


My four-year-old was educating the baby on the basics of our family. After dinner one day, she instructed her little sister, “The one washing the dishes is our mommy.” Read the rest of this entry

I’d like to say the children drove me to this….


I was at a discount grocery store with my children. I was wearing a flannel shirt that had a couple of holes and some tears in it. From the front pocket, a crumpled piece of paper and a baby sock were protruding. To top it off, I had misbuttoned the shirt. A woman came up to me and said,  Read the rest of this entry

Facing danger, head on


When I was still a school secretary, my assistant, also named Betsy, and the athletic director, Tim, had lots of fun together. Perhaps too much fun. One day Tim found a squirt bottle. Read the rest of this entry

No use crying over spilled milk.


I was at the grocery store picking up a few things when I felt my milk coming, in fact, I was engorged.  I didn’t realize until I got up to pay for the items, that I had leaked. I had two large wet circles Read the rest of this entry

Things you never thought you’d have to tell your children


“I am sorry to have distressed you so deeply, dear son, but no, you may not chew on the electrical cords.” Michelle, mother of 1

“Do NOT lick the abacus!” Stephanie, mother of four

A few I’ve told my own children: Don’t lick the tree! Don’t lick the snail! (It was the slimy side, too.) Don’t pick up dog poop!

“Don’t KISS the snail!” Kevin, father of 2  [Ed. note: I’m actually guilty of having done that as an adult!] Read the rest of this entry