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This is how much my son loves me.


When he spills water on my pants, it looks like this.


Heart-shaped water spot. It got fatter and wider while I called for someone to grab the camera. It was actually more distinct earlier on, but you get the idea.

The other day I heard him calling me from across the house, “Betttssyyyy…. Betttsssyyy….”

Yeah, and as if that weren’t bad enough, more recently, he opened the screen door from the outside, leaned in and yelled, Read the rest of this entry


Kids say the funniest things


A friend came across these notes she’d written about her daughter and kindly and boldly sent me photos. She even allowed me to share them with you. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

The Chex Mix guy strikes again.


Twice actually. A few weeks ago, the 99c sale was on, calling me like a siren song. I hoped I’d see the CM guy so I could continue our funny banter. I was nearly disappointed until I saw him at the last check stand on my way out. (Click here and here for the first two encounters with the Chex Mix guy.)

“Hey, Chex Mix guy.” [I actually used his real name, but you know, privacy and all that.] When he looked up, I said, “Time to restock the Chex Mix again.”

Without missing a beat, he said, “Yeah, I knew it when I saw you come in.” [He probably didn’t see me come in.]


My spoils.

Today I was back. He walked by as I was checking out. Read the rest of this entry

And I thought *I* was the funny one.


My friend and her husband, having met at University of Virginia, where he played basketball, were overjoyed when VA won March Madness some weeks ago.

bballAt the time, I sent her a congratulatory text. She wrote back that she was impressed I knew. It’s true I know and care little for professional sports, but my husband sometimes keeps me informed.

I texted back: “I care about stuff you care about. I mean, not your kids or your husband or your dog, but basketball I can get behind.”

Here I figured she must be wetting herself from my masterful command of humor, and yet, a second later, she wrote back: Read the rest of this entry

Can you guess whose is whose?


My thirteen-year-old daughter and I were invited by her friend and her friend’s mom to  one of those places where you paint or sculpt. We had a great time, and both came home with a painting we were fairly proud of. Until I saw mine next to my daughter’s and realized I’m no better an artist than my 8th grader. Not that I should be, but shouldn’t I be? I might even be worse.

Here are our paintings. Can you guess whose is whose? Read the rest of this entry

50% off?! I’ll take two!


I think this company should’ve had a focus group meeting on the name of their product. People who are interested in getting leg cramps, however, are in luck. Two for the price of one! You wouldn’t want one leg to be left out! Get cramps in both legs!


Here’s a story I’m sharing for a particular BBB (Beloved Blog Buddy). Let’s see if she knows who she is. 😉   [If this story involved a cat, I’d mean you, Julie and Andrew.] Read the rest of this entry

Just to clarify…

dscn5737.jpgHave we run out of adjectives for shampoo?
My Kiwi-Lime Squeeze has been labeled “clarifying” shampoo.
So does that mean when I’m in public, my hair will convey to others, “Yes, this hair is clean. She lathered and rinsed, but just didn’t repeat”?
Or, “Yes, this is her natural color. I would know.”
Or, “Yes, she knows it’s frizzy, she just doesn’t care enough.”
Thanks for setting that straight, shampoo. It’s about time someone came up with a shampoo that could do this for us.
What are your thoughts on what “clarifying shampoo” might mean?