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Okay, I’ll do it


I was nominated for a Liebster award from facetsofamuse. I don’t do awards, so that means I don’t have to obey the rules of acceptance! I’ll just answer Julie’s questions for kicks.

Do you have a pet? If so, what is it?

We have a Syrian long-haired hamster originally named Rapunzel, now called either Punzi or Punz, for short. She should’ve been named Houdini. She’s great at chewing her way out for night-time prison breaks which general scare the heck out of us when we hear her scratching at the door in the middle of the night. It’s a good thing she’s so cute.

June 2016 108

Favorite TV show?

Psych–totally. If you haven’t seen it, you need to remedy that. Like right now. Okay, no wait. Finish reading, liking, and commenting on this post. Then go watch an episode of Psych. There’s a movie coming in December too!


What is one of your pet peeves?

Inconsiderateness. Care about others besides just yourself, people! (And get your shopping cart out of my way.)

Do you have a favorite author? Who and which of their books is your favorite? Read the rest of this entry

Fun with homeschooling


I was reading off spelling words to my daughter and asked, “What was the last word I gave you?”

She said, “You gave me grief.”

True story.

Here’s an oldy, but a goody.

With another week of phonics looming, I grabbed the pile of my daughter’s first grade sight words. Here is the pile: On the left is what we’ve done so far. On the right is what we have left to do.

z 006

As I picked up the smaller stack to look for next week’s words, these were the three words on top of the pile: Read the rest of this entry

New book by Jacqui Murray: Twenty-four Days


Helping out a blog buddy by advertising her book. Read all about it below and consider supporting her by grabbing yourself a copy!

The story of Twenty-four days:

A former SEAL, a brilliant scientist, a love-besotted nerd, and a quirky AI have twenty-four days to stop a terrorist attack. The problems: They don’t know what it is, where it is, or who’s involved.

I always like a good book about AI.  What is AI?  Just happen to have an answer: Read the rest of this entry

WHAT did you just say?


My oldest daughter’s birthday was  yesterday. My parents gave her a set of little chicks. (Random? I know.)


Two are missing because they’re in need of repairs. Their wings fell off. I wonder how.

All three girls were playing with them for a bit when I heard my seven-year-old say something that sounded horribly suspicious.

“Here’s your (something starting with an f and ending with -king) chicks.” Read the rest of this entry

Fun writing contest from a fellow blogger


All you writer types: Mike Allegra at “Hey look a fellow writer” is holding a writing contest for 200 words or less with a prize of $50 in various gift cards. Go here for all the details. And OMG, it’s actually “Hey look a writer fellow.” All this time I thought it was “a fellow writer.” Apparently I need to work on my reading as well as writing skills. Sorry, Mike.

Anyway, y’all, check it out!

Have I mentioned my husband is funny?


While lying in bed, exhausted, nauseous, and useless this first trimester, I said to my husband, “You know how in the movies when a woman is in labor she’s screaming, crushing her husband’s fingers and shouting, ‘You did this to me!'”

“Yes,” he replied with a healthy amount of caution.

“Just in case I’m too busy or I forget, I’ll say it now: You did this to me!”

He said, Read the rest of this entry