You’re going to need an ambulance in a minute, kid!


The children and I were at the pool in our backyard. When the police called, I couldn’t hear the phone. When they were knocking at the door, I ignored them, not knowing it was them, and because I was in my swimsuit. I figured whomever it was could come back later. When my husband, on his way home from work, saw the four cop cars in front of our house, he kept on going, deciding first to call our lawyer and ask, “Are we in trouble for something?” We weren’t, but our five-year-old son was about to be.Wanting to talk to his cousin, a fireman, he had dialed 911. When a woman answered the phone, he got scared and threw the phone under the bed. Fortunately, the platoon of officers at our door, and the one who had jumped our back fence, were understanding when the truth finally came out.

Janet, mother of 3

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