Thank Heaven for little girls


While sitting with some other moms at my son’s baptism reception, one of them alerted me to the fact that the kids were playing with a doll–a gender specific doll. A group of little girls were giggling while watching my seven-year-old daughter make her male doll pee as she fed him a bottle of water. I screamed to my daughter, “Come here!”  As I smiled at the moms, I calmly told my daughter, “Honey, that’s not the best toy to play with right now. Let’s not glorify that.”

“Okay, mommy,” was the response.

As my daughter regrouped with her friends one of them asked, “Can we still play with the doll?” My child’s answer? “Yeah, we just can’t glorify it!”

Sarah, mother of 5

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  2. One time my 3rd oldest got her period she was 16 and she did not know what it was because I home school them and I decided not to tell them until they get it okay so we were at the wedding and since my husband died while her 3 year old sister (he died when I was 6months pregent) she was there for me holding my hand while birth and we were siting in a white cloth okay so she leaked in the chair and yelled mom I just gave birth but the baby is lost every one looks in shock I tell her to sit down but she keeps on yelling its happening what happens to you omg mom so then everyone giggle s that was 4 months ago okay now she hates me for not warning her I felt happy becuase she grower up but guilty


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