Lather, … wait. What are the next two steps?


Before Mass on Sunday I lined the boys up to cut their hair. When I finished the last one’s, the 8-year-old’s, I told him to quickly shower to get all the loose hairs out. Instead of showering, he decided to wash his hair in the sink. It wasn’t until I was walking behind him on the way up to Communion that I saw the matted sections of hair from where he had put shampoo, but obviously not rinsed it out very well. In additionthere were little pieces of cut hair on his forehead and around the side of his face. After Mass, before getting in the donut line and otherwise socializing with our friends, my husband took him to the bathroom to try to get the shampoo out. He tried wiping it with wet paper towels, but that only made the suds lather up worse. He decided we were better off just leaving it until we got home.

Nicole, mother of 8

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