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Donut hands


Some churches provide donuts after Mass for parishioners to munch while they mingle. This is a great bribery tool for parents who want their children to behave well at church. One son drew his Mother’s attention to his folded hands during Mass, saying “Look, Mom, donut hands!”

And here’s a little something from a friend of mine who teaches religion. This is CLASSIC!

I had my students do a journal entry for Isaac when he was going to be sacrificed by Abraham. Here is the end of one girl’s entry:
“….We sacrificed a ram instead. Then we went home, and as we were walking, my father said to me, Read the rest of this entry

The excitement we had at church on Sunday


My husband is so lucky that we only have girls. Whenever we’re out someplace public like the zoo, Legoland, a grocery store, or church, and a child has to go to the bathroom, it’s automatically the female parent who has to take her. Yeah for me.

This especially came in handy (for my husband) at church Sunday when one child announced, never quietly, that she needed to pee. Of course, we always make them go before we leave home, but as she is relatively new to the potty trained world, I wasn’t taking my chances on her sincerity,  ploy to avoid some pew time or not.

When we left the bathroom, she swiftly yanked her arm away from me so she could run to the back of the church, make a U-turn around the end of the row of pews, and stream back down the center aisle to our seats near the front. Awesome.

And of course, I had barely gotten back to my place when Read the rest of this entry

A child’s favorite part of Mass


When my husband and I were in the foster care business, the children we took care of went to Mass with the rest of the family. One fifth grade boy living with us was clearly not fond of this new routine. He showed his disfavor when we reached the part of the Mass where the priest says, Read the rest of this entry

What? This isn’t considered prayer?


One day I was in the small, side Eucharistic chapel at my church for Adoration.  It was about half full of mostly parents I know from my children’s school.  There were, however, a few, elderly, very traditional-looking women in there, too. While everyone is quietly praying, my son got loose and  Read the rest of this entry