Better leave the fashion to the females.


One Sunday my husband was in charge of getting our sons ready for Mass and then meeting me at the church. When he arrived with the boys, it was quickly apparent that my husband is not as in tune with our children’s wardrobes as I am.The younger son came dressed in his older brother’s shorts. My husband thought they were the younger boy’s pants. Therefore, all through Mass they kept falling off him. Also, another one of the boys, leaving in a rush, had grabbed shoes that were three times too large. The two of them resembled a clown show walking up in the communion line.

Nicole, mother of 8

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  1. As Andrew is our fifth and a tag-a-long blessing, I don’t carry a diaper bag around anymore. I just stuff a diaper and a baggie of wipes in my purse. The problem with this is that I have only one diaper and if I use it, I sometimes forget to refill my purse before leaving again.

    Well, this time were were at our cabin for the last time this summer and were eating out at a local restaurant. Andrew had eaten corn out of a can earlier that day and a lot of something else I can’t remember but it was something he usually doesn’t eat. We were all sitting down enjoying our burgers when Andrew rips a loud one. For some reason I didn’t think anything of it, we just snickered a little bit and finished our meal.

    After he was done, I cleaned his hands and face up and let him down. He started climbing all over the booth and got down and ran around. I started cleaning up when we were finished and was washing the booth chair because of the corn and brown stuff on it. I was trying to figure out where this came from because it wasn’t there when we sat down and we didn’t eat corn with our meal.

    Joel, our 9 year old, was playing with Andrew at this time when all of a sudden Joel freaks out and asks what’s on his shirt. He puts Andrew down, pulls his shirt up to inspect the brown blob and runs out of the restaurant gagging and ripping his shirt off in the parking lot.

    It was then that it all made sense, corn, brown blob… Andrew had a blowout. I frantically looked in my purse for a new diaper when I realized that I used it earlier in the cabin because it was closer than the bag of diapers and I forgot to refill my purse.

    We cleaned up the restaurant as well as we could and raced out of there totally embarrassed. Then we needed to figure out how to get back to the cabin without ruining Andrew’s car seat. My husband ran across the street to the gas station and bought a pack of over priced garbage bags that we lined Andrew’s car seat with.

    We laughed all the way back to the cabin.

    MJ, mother of 5


  2. When we were trying to potty train our third, he was having a hard time with number 2 on the potty. He would actually hold it in until he was constipated, unless I would put a diaper on him and let him do his thing.

    We weren’t sure what we were going to do about this until one summer day he comes in the house all proud and tells me he just pooped. Since he was wearing underwear and was just outside, I asked him where. He pointed to the wide open front yard. I had him take me outside and show me so I could clean up after him. It was right at the edge of our lawn in plain view of all our neighbors.

    Alll I could do was laugh and wonder how many of our neighbors saw. A couple days later I found out one did see him out there and they were wondering what he was up to. We had a good laugh and our son hasn’t had any problems since.

    MJ, mother of 5


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