Mass appeal


These two stories are from Leslie, mother of 4

My son hated going to Mass, and I mean hated! On his fifth birthday I told him we were going to a birthday party, which we were, but I didn’t tell him that we were first going to daily Mass. We made our way into the church and sat down among all the old women before my son finally took a good look around and exclaimed, “Wait a minute! This doesn’t look ANY-thing like a birthday party!”

On Easter Sunday we didn’t leave home early enough to get a normal seat at Mass, so we were relegated to the makeshift row of chairs in the very front, if we wanted to sit at all. During the homily, the priest walked out in front of the congregation and began asking rhetorical questions such as, “Why did Jesus die for us? Why did He have to sacrifice His life and be nailed to that cross for the sake of our sins?” To which my son loudly replied, “I have NO idea!”

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