My Neighbor and the CMG. Again.

My Neighbor and the CMG. Again.

I may have pulled off an excellent prank. But I’ll likely never know.

Neighbor asked what I wanted to do for my birthday. I suggested we get coffee and do our usual shopping trips. She responded “YES! and YES!” That alone wins her the title of my favorite person ever. Actually, just asking what I wanted to do on my birthday was enough. But it got even better.

We first arranged to go to brunch with another friend. Neighbor picked me up, which is sort of funny, since we’re two houses apart, but then I saw the side of her car.


(This was taken while parked at the restaurant, not our street.)

And here’s what was waiting inside the car.

Isn’t she gorgeous? And what’s that on her arm? Why, it’s a tattoo of my face!!!

Now get a load of the foresight of this woman!

She brought more tattoo stickers AND A PRE-MOISTENED SPONGE IN A ZIPLOC BAG so our friend could sport a tattoo as well!
That face on her arm is almost haunting, isn’t it? They came out rather dark, unfortunately.

After a lovely brunch, Neighbor and I hit the store. CMG (That’s Chex Mix Guy, for any newcomers) greeted us, and Neighbor offered him a tattoo. He was not interested in utilizing her sponge to apply the tattoo, but he did at least take one. We chatted for a minute, and that was the last we saw of him.

While the helpful produce person showed me where the grapes were, I had a scathingly brilliant idea. [Anyone know what that’s from?] I said to the produce guy, “You know your manager, Eric?” (Not his real name.)

“Yeah,” the guy said.

“Do you all call him E-Dog here?”

“No, I’ve never called him that.”

“You should, he loves it.”

“Okay, yeah. I definitely will!”

Can you hear my inner cackle?

I returned to Neighbor by the veggies with a mischievous grin and began telling her the story by saying, “Guess what I just did.”

In the check-out line, I looked at her with that same grin, as I weighed my options. The older guy scanning our groceries looked half asleep, and perhaps like he took life too seriously. That left me to consider the teenager on the bagging end–young, likely to enjoy a little fun.

“Do you guys call your manager E-Dog here?”

He glanced up at me, shook his head, said, “No,” and went back to bagging.

Then the checker came to life in full force. (Wow, did I have these two wrong!)

“Nah, I call him Wipeout because a few weeks ago he came in here with a cane after hurting himself surfing.”

(Poor E-Dog!)

The checker continued his lively discourse. Then I said to them both, “Well, if you want to make him laugh or get on his good side, you should definitely call him E-Dog.” The bagger sort of nodded noncommittally, but the checker seemed all for it.

Will any of them actually do it? If so, how will the CMG react? I’m guessing with confusion. Will he eventually figure out that it was I who instigated this fantabulous prank? We may never know.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I see two possibilities here: He loves it and gives you free Chex Mix or he’s annoyed and you now have to paid double.

    Personally, I wondering if he goes home and actually puts that tattoo on …

    and what a great idea – personalized tattoos – love it. I’ve got to get some with my face. People would pay me not to give them one.

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  2. Happy Birthday! You look like a superstar in that birthday mobile. Did you get a lot of hunks?

    I like the idea of the prank, but I’m surprised the grocery workers weren’t asking you questions . . . Like how you know CMG, wondering if you are his sister, neighbor, etc.

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    • You wrote: Did you get a lot of hunks?
      Lol! Wait until you hear the story of what happened the night AFTER my birthday. But, to answer your real question, Neighbor and I were lamenting the lack of honks on our way home. Then, when we parked on our street and were getting out of the car, an Amazon driver honked as he drove by. Hooray! πŸ™‚

      The produce guy and the checker both asked if I used to work with him. I told them I was a friend, which is true.

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      • Autocorrect or Freudian slip, Bijoux? πŸ˜‰ Either way, hilarious. πŸ™‚

        Yes, the Amazon driver was great. At first I thought he was being a perv, because I had just gotten out of the car and was bent over for my purse on the floor. But then Neighbor said, “He honked!” and I realized, “Oh! Yeah!” πŸ™‚


  3. Betsy, happy birthday. You look like a Hollywood movie star with those big sunglasses, especially with your own tattoo sticker. Good friend there to ask what you want to do. Enjoy the first week of your next age year. Keith

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  4. Haha EDOG… Excuse me, your neighbour is the best… I suppose you probably mean your best friend bc my goodness that’s such a best friend to do! I love it ❀️ you guys are so lucky to live so close in proximity!!😊

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  5. You have a great neighbor and friends. That car and the tats look like so much fun.
    I’d love to find out if the workers followed through on your little prank. You are mischievous, Betsy! πŸ™‚

    Happy belated birthday.
    BTW, I am now a fan of original Chex Mix!

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  6. I would love it if people called me E-Dog! Well…only if my name were Eric or Ed, I suppose. M-Dog would totally work, though. I’d consider it a badge of honor!

    And the question remains: DID you get a lot of hunks? No Freudian slip there, I want to know…

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    • Right?! I hope the CMG got a kick out of it. I wonder if he somehow figured out it was me. I can imagine the employee saying, “Some woman said you like being called that.” Come to think of it, since CMG saw me early on, that might have been all it took for him to know it was me. But the employee could have described me, or CMG could’ve said, “Lemme guess. Long brown hair? Sporting tattoos?” (Bc I was. Next post!)

      You’re making me spoil my next post! A 20-something bought me a beer. At the risk of my husband reading this, I won’t say the guy was a hunk, but, yes, he was rather cute. And a drunk woman got kind of handsy with me, but I don’t think that counts.

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  7. Sounds like an awesome outing! And your Neighbor got the writing on the window just right with the crown and bright shiny lines! Personalized tattoos? Never heard of them, but I might need tattoos of a couple kitties I know πŸ™‚

    PS: I didn’t realize just how mischevious you are πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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