So THIS happened.


I walked inside from the garage and called to my son, “Oh, Joooo-sepppphhh.”


“Who’s you’re favorite moooo-mmmyyyy?”

His response, I kid you not: “Is it Chex Mix?”

First of all, no, he does not think CM is his mommy. He just surmised (as a four-year-old!) that I had gone to the store and bought him CM. I didn’t tell anyone I was going to the store. This child is just that good at sniffing the stuff out.

That and he’s been asking for it for days, to the point where, last night, after tucking him in bed, Hubby says to me, “Joe asked for Chex Mix again. You should probably pick some up.”

Finally I did. He’s lucky it was on sale, because you know that’s how I roll. So, in response to the above question from Joe, I laughed and said, “Yes!” more out of amazement that he guessed the reason for the sing-song voice than out of excitement for having the stuff in my home again.

I have clearly passed the CM torch onto my son.

He said, “Could you bring me a bowl?” But as I had other groceries to put away and did not bring him a bowl of the golden deliciousness in less than 60 seconds, he came to get it himself.

If only I could get him that excited about bed time.

Can’t talk. Eating Cheddar Chex Mix.

The last time I brought CM home, he saw the bag on the counter, grabbed it, and literally tried to tear it open with his teeth.

Monster officially created.

That time, btw, was when I had gone to that other store where I’d seen new flavors. I had asked your advice. Remember these?

This time, I had some crazy coupon where I’d get $1 off three. This particular store doesn’t carry the cheddar flavor. I grabbed a Buffalo Ranch but was too afraid of the Ghost Pepper. I also grabbed a blue Traditional and considered getting a second Buff Ranch for my third, but, thankfully, my wise and wonderful neighbor was with me. She advised me to only get one of the new flavor, as I might not like it. She was right. I did not. But Hubby finished it for me.

Speaking of Neighbor, a few days ago I texted her some discouraging news, ending with, “I could use a drink.” She commiserated with me like a CHAMPION friend, and, as if that weren’t enough to prove her awesomeness, there was a knock on my door a few minutes later. She stood there holding this:

She had me at “Solo.”

A couple states to the right, and it would’ve been 5:00. Close enough.

Backing up a bit to the other store where I was buying CM with my neighbor, guess who was our check-out guy? Someone who transferred out of my store back in January. If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you already know the answer. So that was a fun little catch up with the CMG, and yet, somehow, after 95% of the time seeing me at the old store and asking if I was buying CM even when I often wasn’t, I LITERALLY bought CM and NOTHING was said about it.


Anyone want to guess what’s in the drink??

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  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever bought Chex Mix. I’ve only had people give me the homemade kind, but have never even made it myself. It’s interesting what other people’s kids obsess over. Mine used to beg for those Little Debbie brownies with the rainbow chips. Like eating a cup of sugar!

    My guess is a margarita.

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    • Okay, well, Little Debbie brownies with rainbow chips sound like a kid’s dream, so no surprise there. I guess I should be grateful mine wants salty over sweet? Slightly less unhealthy, I suppose.

      This was kind of an unfair question, as no one (unless my neighbor discovers my blog) would be able to guess that it’s Bacardi rum and coconut LaCroix. It was darn tasty.


  2. You know, I haven’t eaten Chex Mix in years. Maybe a decade or more–scandalous, right?—but you suddenly have me mad-crazy craving them. And I would have guessed a gin and tonic on the drink, but I already see from comments that isn’t the case. A vodka tonic??

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  3. I’m glad to see that you’re finally teaching your son valuable food lessons. CM is the food of the gods. As to the drink – not a G&T?!? sad. If you ever visit my house, the only drinks we serve are water, tea, and my world famous gin and tonics.

    But we are willing to drive you to the nearest Starbucks if you need caffeine.

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  4. He made NO comment about the CM? Perhaps he was deep in contemplation about something else. Disappointed….but perhaps he’s moved on.

    Joe will one day dread getting out of bed. But he’ll be an adult and weighted down with responsibility and paying bills. I am jealous of his energy and desire to not go to bed. Enjoy your sleepless energy Joe!!! (and your chex mix!)


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  6. My routine with friends and family I haven’t seen in a while has been that the ages of their children are frozen in my head from the last time. So when I read the opening of this entry after not paying attention for a good while, my assumption was, “Of course, Joe is 8-to-10 years old by now.” Shocked to learn this sleuth is only 4!

    But then when you wrote, “last night, after tucking him in bed, Hubby says to me, `Joe asked for Chex Mix again. You should probably pick some up.'”, my first reading had one letter different. It’s easy to misread with this font and my eyes. I thought more had changed when I wasn’t paying attention, and Ms. Kerekes’s content had gone “adult”. Meaning the Solo cup contained soap.

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  7. My goodness. Does Chex Mix run in your genes??

    Gotta love a neighbor like that. In fact, I wish I had a neighbor like that. Christmas Light Kelly is cool, but she has never once knocked on the door and handed me a drink. Harumph!

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  8. My father worked as a representative salesman for Bacardi, and later Seagram’s for many years, so as young person still under the legal age with my brother and some friends I sneak out a lot of drinks, I tried many alcoholic beverages and growing up in a tropical place the coconuts were at our disposal and of course I tried them with all kinds of liquors, father had at his liquor storage, such as rum, and gin, with Angostura bitters, quinine tonic water, grenadine syrup etc. But since I stopped drinking just when I was 19 years old, the truth is that I vaguely remember what coconut water with rum tasted like? 😊🤦‍♂️

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    • Right? One in a million. The house next to me is about to go up for sale, Barb. I know it’s not MI, but there are lots of lovely places to explore in California, too. I’ve been praying that a nice older couple would move in next door. Just don’t expect me to want to play Scrabble with either of you! Far too scared! 🙂 🙂

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      • Okay, fine, I do play Scrabble and will with you, so long as I have prepared myself to be beaten soundly! And you’re not fooling me about not being nice. We can laugh at potty humor together, and Joe may even share his Chex Mix!


  9. A CM monster for sure. Just wait until Joe decides to dress up as a bag of CM for Halloween 😀 And bacardi and sparkling water?(I’m good with the rum, the coconut not so much). I’m going to have to try that! Hmm, I wonder how rum and grapefruit LaCroix would taste? Or lime LaCroix? I might have to do some experimenting 😀 😀 Awesome neighbor!

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