The night the band came. Again. Part 2

The night the band came. Again. Part 2

This is what I get for not keeping up with Swinged Cat‘s posts. Turns out, I read several days later, my birthday coincided with the 30th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” When the band came the first time and played that song, Neighbor and I spontaneously combusted in unison even though no one else was dancing. I told her this time we needed to up our game by dancing on a table. Even *I* thought that was crazy, but she was up for it!

This might be one of those situations were my neighbor is secretly a spy or a superhero, like I won’t know until I accidentally see her take off her mask when she thinks no one is watching after she’s just saved someone from a mugging.

Anyway, back to the song, it wasn’t played. 😦 After she left, another friend asked me to request “500 Miles.” So, between songs, I walked up to the singer and said, “I’ve been requested to ask if you’d play ‘500 Miles.'” They made that the very next song. Apparently I had some pull. Why, oh why, did I not just ASK them to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? Again, IF I had read M’s post, I would’ve asked them to play it in honor of the anniversary. Missed opportunity! Next time, I suppose, unless, now having read this, Hubby says to me, “Uh, no, honey. No dancing on tables.” Drat!

Remember the Betsy tattoos? Here’s a slideshow of my neighbor applying one to Hubby’s fun-loving Colombian coworker.

And by the way,

Neighbor left me the rest of the tattoos, so if anyone wants one, let me know at parentingisfunny @ gmail. I’ll happily mail you one, especially if you’ll send me a picture of you sporting it! πŸ™‚

You too can have my scary face on your arm!

I forgot to mention in the post about my birthday that Neighbor also got her car washed, inside and out, before picking me up. I mean… Seriously. How will I match this level of kindness on her birthday? Any ideas?

The morning after the fantastic band night, the bartender sent me a video of himself finding snowballs in the nooks and crannies of the bar. I told him Hubby and I had tried to collect them all, honest! But Bartender told me he cracked up every time he found one. Later he said he and his coworkers had a mini fight with them. πŸ™‚ The gift that keeps on giving.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the snowballs. They were, of course, filthy. During the course of the night, I touched a few that were wet. Blech. I learned that a plastic cup of water had been knocked over and one beer glass, which couldn’t have been very full.


The snowballs live to fight another day!

And that shot glass on Mardi Gras beads I was given? My daughter saw it the next morning and asked what it was.

“A cup,” I told her.

“It’s so small,” she said.

“It’s for small drinks,” I told her.

“How do you keep it from spilling?” A valid point since it’s attached to a necklace.

“Uh, it’s not meant to have a drink in it for very long.”

What do you think? Fun time? Too crazy? Want a tattoo? Would you wear this shot glass necklace? And seriously, what should I do for my neighbor? We have until February 2. Give me some ideas. Ready? Set. Go!

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  1. I think you’ve learned an important lesson here: keep up with Swinged Cat’s posts. They’re both informative AND entertaining.

    I guess you’ll have to save the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” table dance for next time.

    Cracking up over your conversation with your daughter about the small cup. I’m pretty sure I engaged in dialogue very similar when my kids were naive youngsters, too!

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    • “I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your door.” That one? It’s pretty much a classic. I probably should’ve googled that I had the title correct. I meant to in fact… Okay, official title is written thusly: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).” 500 miles is far more clear a title for that one! πŸ™‚

      And I only have a wild and crazy time every once in a while, Jacqui. It keeps me going!

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      • Okay, now you had to make me go and look up 100 Miles. I don’t know that song! But I’m talking the one by The Proclaimers. Old song, you’ve undoubtedly heard many times. And wow! Dropping the F-asterisks! Jacqui Murray, my word! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

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      • OK, who knew so many songs had this name! Yours has 87 million viewers! And is actually the one that’s playing in my head. How is that even possible??? The 44 million viewer song is by Gabriela Richardson–never heard of her. Here’s the link–

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  2. I love that despite your and your husband’s best efforts, that you left some snowballs behind and the bartender was laughing! Now you can get a black light and have a glowing snowball fight. I totally want a tattoo! I’m emailing you right now.

    Yes, good thing there are a few months before your friends birthday! How about burying her gifts in Chex Mix and she has to uncover them? πŸ™‚


    • OOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMM GGGGGGGG!!!! A black light and a GLOWING snowball fight?! Wynneleon, you are a genius!!! Yes! I must text the bartender this idea!

      Burying her gifts in Chex Mix! Haha! I don’t know if she’s a huge fan also, but my little Joe would definitely love that idea!


  3. Wow! Those snowballs cleaned up nicely. As a clean/neat freak, that really impresses me! I would wear the necklace, except I don’t do shots. I can’t seem to find a liquor I want to drink straight. Birthday ideas . . . A mystery road trip? There has to be some fun and strange spots in CA!

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    • I was very pleased to discover that the snowballs are easily washable. I’d hate to have to just toss them. (pun!) I had no idea where that necklace had been and wasn’t eager to consume anything from it. It’s clearly not brand new. There are undoubtedly loads of fun places nearby. It would have to be a short trip, as I’m sure our husbands and children, and especially our husbands left with our children, wouldn’t appreciate us going away for long. πŸ™‚

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  4. You are my table-dancing hero! My son loves Nirvana–plays his songs on his guitar/wears Nirvana T-shirts, and I do table dance from time to time–alone, without anyone knowing–except for now in a comment online. Ha!

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  5. Have you heard the Weird Al Yankovic version of Smells Like Teen Spirit? I grew up never even hearing of Weird Al, but my hubby loved him as a kid and introduced him to my own son. Weird Al’s version of Nirvana is one of several my boys played in our house a few too many times.

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  7. Wow! Truly the fun that keeps going, and going … Snowballs under black lights is brilliant! Maybe next year. Or maybe for your friend’s birthday. And the next time the band comes to town you will have to request Smells like Team Spirit. I think I’ve heard Weird Al’s take on the song more often, but maybe not. One of my brothers was big into Nirvana back before Cobain died.

    Hmm, I like the hiding the gift in CM idea. Maybe like the Cracker Jack thing? Have small bags of CM hidden around like a treasure hunt, and one of them has the prize!

    I agree, maybe not the best idea to drink out of that little cup. Maybe use it for Bar-hop Barbie??

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    • Getting the band for Neighbor’s birthday and doing the black light snowball fight then sounds great! That would mean the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. Will it be warm enough? First time the band came was in December. It was 40 degrees. Brrr. The band had to take several breaks to come warm themselves by the gas heaters.
      Bar-hop Barbie!!!!! Love that!! πŸ˜›

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