Blog Name Vote Results


Of the 20 blog name offerings, 15 got votes. I will not say what they are, so those who submitted the other five won’t be sad. (I, the only one who truly matters 😉 enjoyed ALL your submissions.)

The ones that received three votes were as follows:

Chick Kick; Life is Funny; Chex Mix, Chickens, and Other Tales; All Things Betsy; and I Have Nothing Better to Offer.

Next, there were two that received four votes:

Laugh Lines and The Accidental Rooster.

And the winner, with a whopping eight votes, due to his overwhelming cleverness as evidenced in his own blog post titles, never mind that this contest was his idea, no doubt because he knew he would rock it, is….

Chex and Balances, suggested by the witty Mark of Swinged Cat.

I’ve decided that for your “prize” I will send you… The one! The only! Tattoo of my face!

Can you hear the crowds going wild?

Such a bizarre expression. Neighbor made this tattoo from the pic of me taking the rest of my saki and beer “to go” in soup containers provided by my obliging server at a sushi place. Apparently that’s my mischievous face.

So, Mark, if you would like to claim your prize, you can email me your address to parentingisfunny @ gmail. I’ll mail you a tattoo–or more than one. I still have a ton of these things and no idea what to do with them.

And now for a mishmash of random things I saw that I thought you all might enjoy, such as these calendars:

My apologies for the flash shine on these.

Also, my grocery store receipt. Just stay with me a moment. I’ll explain.

Sorry it’s blurry. As frequently happens at this particular store, the cashier looks at my total savings and makes a comment like, “Wow,” or “You did well.” This day I got, “You know how to shop.”

“It’s like a sport,” I told her.

She pointed at me and nodded. She gets it. I do enjoy the challenge.

When I relayed this story to Hubby, he said, “You scoff at Geico. Save 15%? Child’s play!”

My son is fond of grabbing the green twist ties from the produce department.

Modern art by a four-year-old: “Flamingo Standing on One Leg” from the master’s “Things Found at the Grocery Store” period. Seriously, that’s what he told me this was. And I can totally see it.

How are you feeling now my BBBs? (Beloved Blog Buddies) Are you bummed about the contest? Did I improve your mood with yoga pets, goats in trees, and green flamingos? I hope so. Also, do you enjoy getting the best deals on your groceries? Do share below!

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  1. I’ve somehow seen goats in trees on the internet before. It’s quite bizarre! Have you shopped at Kohl’s? The cashiers always look at your ‘savings’ on the receipts and read it aloud. There have been times it’s been like $80 and I didn’t buy that much. Seems like their original prices are bogus to me!

    Congrats to Marky-Mark!

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    • Marky-Mark. Ha!

      It’s been a long time since I’ve shopped at Kohl’s, but for sure–they are instructed to say that to make you feel good about shopping there, I have no doubt. Just don’t make stuff so originally expense! That is exactly how I feel about this grocery store, actually. I always do so well because I only buy the stuff when it’s on sale. When it isn’t, the prices are stupid. 😛


  2. So much good content in this post! I’ve never thought of grocery shopping as a sport but I’m beginning to finally understand that you really like a challenge!! 🙂

    Love the new blog name – and the twist tie animal!! ❤

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  3. My cats have done all of those yoga positions and a few more. Sadly they’re camera shy and I haven’t been able to get a picture. And what are your thoughts on Chex mix with beer? I’ve had Chex while drinking wine and it didn’t really work.

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  4. Good winner and even better prize. You ought to consider saving your son’s twist-tie art. You never know went it could become an exhibition. Goats in trees are so common in my area, I wouldn’t have considered them as a calendar. I’m guessing they aren’t common everywhere. Oh well … who would have thunk it.

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  5. I like your proposed blog name. Now if General Mills is cool with you using their cereal’s name you’re on your way. If’n you’re really gonna do this new blog name dealio. The flamingo is delightfully inspired.

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  6. Mark’s submission was brilliant! Many congrats, and I know he’s going to enjoy having your face tattooed on his arm. Send him lots of those so he can show them off for weeks to come. And I think joes flamingo is doing yoga. That kid is amazing, Betsy. 🙂

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  7. Wow. I am incredibly honored. And pressured now as to where I should, ahem, stick it.

    As a person born in April, I can’t help but notice the calendars are both mysteriously missing the month of April. What gives there?!

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  8. The contest results just shows that we all enjoyed a bit of a giggle …. and hurray to Chex & Balances (I voted for that one!!!!).

    And if those critters don’t inspire some yoga, I don’t know what will?!!!

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  9. There was a show on tv whose premise was that 4 friends “dare” each other to do all sorts of strange things (like attach the most balloons to shoppers in supermarkets without said shoppers noticing, it was pre-covid 🙂 ). Whoever lost the most dares, was punished. One episode the punishment was to get tattoos of the punisher’s choice, and one of the friends ended up with a tattoo of Jaden Smith…

    Sometimes it’s a prize, sometimes it’s a punishment? 😀

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  10. This post is hilarious, Betsy! I am soooo behind on everyone’s life. I wholeheartedly agree “witty Mark.” Now, I won’t sleep tonight until I find out how to get tattoos of my face made…everyone I know will want this gift. Thank you for the inspiration.😊

    Hilarious calendars (I am using ‘hilarious’ twice (actually 3) times in my comment…your witty humour always makes me smile.

    Re: goats – we have a town near us known for ‘goats on the roof.’ “Coombs” in case you are in the mood to Google it.

    Just read through the comments…EGAD…I am taking back my initial thoughts, getting tattoos of my face…I Know where friends and family will place it. XO💕

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    • Erica! Where you been? So nice to see you again! I’m glad you enjoyed this goofy post. Mark promised he would put the tattoo on his arm. Knowing Mark, he was no doubt tempted to do something else with it that I’d rather not think about.

      Must google Coombs now…

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  12. Congrats to Mark! Hey, if you send him enough tattoos, he could wear a “sleeve” of your face. Clever kid, that Joe. Better keep all his sculptures to show off at his gallery debut!

    I hate shopping, but I do like saving money when I can’t get out of the chore. It means I can get the better wine with my savings 🙂

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