Donut hands


Some churches provide donuts after Mass for parishioners to munch while they mingle. This is a great bribery tool for parents who want their children to behave well at church. One son drew his Mother’s attention to his folded hands during Mass, saying “Look, Mom, donut hands!”

And here’s a little something from a friend of mine who teaches religion. This is CLASSIC!

I had my students do a journal entry for Isaac when he was going to be sacrificed by Abraham. Here is the end of one girl’s entry:
“….We sacrificed a ram instead. Then we went home, and as we were walking, my father said to me,


‘Yes father, I am here.’

‘Don’t tell your mother.'”

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  1. Haha, I love THAT! “Don’t tell your mother”. Reminds me of my son a while ago, for homework for their religious studies class at school they had to write a letter as if it was one wise man writing it to another after they had visited baby Jesus, and my son’s letter really made me laugh, I can’t remember it all, but it had phrases like “What were you thinking bringing myrrh to a baby!”.

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  2. And donut churches, are good churches. I’m for it. I have a friend who goes to Panera Church. I was thinking of going to Panera Church, for the free Panera, of course, but the early hour and stuffing the children into nice clothing made the Panera less worth it.


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