What? This isn’t considered prayer?


One day I was in the small, side Eucharistic chapel at my church for Adoration.  It was about half full of mostly parents I know from my children’s school.  There were, however, a few, elderly, very traditional-looking women in there, too. While everyone is quietly praying, my son got loose and decided he wanted to play hide and seek on the altar.   I tried desperately and quietly to remove him, but the harder I tried, the more he thought it was a game.  He was laughing and squealing and having a ball when I looked back and saw the elderly women shaking their heads in disgust–one of them yelled something out at me, but I couldn’t understand her. I was sweating bullets and dying a thousand deaths while trying to gracefully remove my child from the altar during this sacred time. I finally retrieved the little monster and made a bee line for the door while making no eye contact–never to return to Adoration with my son again.

Kathy, mother of 5

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