What do you make of this?


Hubby received this text from a random number.

Clearly, he is not Anita. But he is a nice, pleasant person, so he responded, as he should.

And that was that. Until the next morning.

At this point, Hubby said, “Okay, I’m out,” and didn’t respond. His thought was this was a scam. I don’t agree. I think this chic just wanted to make a new friend and had no idea if Hubby was a man or woman. If it had been me, since I’m a woman, and am clearly okay with virtual friendships, (Hi, Blog Buddies!) I would’ve totally chatted this woman up.

“What kind of wine is that? Are you at a vineyard? Nice nails. Are they lacquer?” (I had to look that up. I know nothing about nails but am willing to learn.)

But, of course, Hubby, not so much, thankfully.

So what do you guys think? Would you have chatted with Lonely Heart Lily? Made a friendship that was sure to be brief, or would your money be on text pals (modern day pen pals) for life?

Or do you think it was just a scam?


In other news, I’m now 5.5 weeks on crutches. An x-ray proved no broken bones, but there’s gotta be ligament damage: a partial tear or two. The next step is an MRI.

But then I got a phone call.

“Your insurance can’t justify an MRI for a hurt foot.”

A “hurt foot”?! Seriously?

I broke this news to Sensei. In typical fashion, he responded:

Sensei has no idea I’ve made his texts a regular blog feature. I dare not tell him. Those of you who’ve been here long enough may remember what a monster I created of the Chex Mix Guy. Once I told him I’d been blogging about him, he demanded a post after every store visit.

Sensei might be even worse.

I still drive my girls to Taekwondo and sit in the back to watch them practice, including breaking boards. I’m sad I’m missing out, but am pleased to report, in addition to using one’s foot to do the break, an elbow is also an option. That’s the one I’ll use when I get back in there.



And my doctor is appealing the insurance decision.


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  1. Possibly a scam. Possibly just a bad night at the wine bar.

    I’ll write an appeal for your MRI. How about, “Seriously, this woman does two different kinds of marshal arts and is very close to getting her black belt(s). You’d better approve this or I’ll give her your office address so she can discuss with you in person. Her kids can break boards, she could do a lot more damage than that …”

    and tell Sensei he’ll also need a bottle of whisky – no one should do that kind of surgery sober …

    Follow me for more helpful tips.

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    • Once someone texted me about exchanging info after having just had a car accident with me. Boy, did I feel bad when I had to break it to her that she was given the wrong number. She laughed, though, realized she’d typed it in wrong and thanked me sincerely for letting her know I wasn’t the correct person. I hoped that I had brightened her day a bit by wishing her luck. SHE wasn’t a scammer. I don’t get scammers. Just such a terrible thing to do.


  2. Being the suspicious person I am, I would say it’s a scam. I ignore any texts from people or numbers I don’t recognize and immediately block the number. I’m a meanie! πŸ™‚ I hope you gets things straightened out with the insurance company. I had my own insurance bomb dropped on Friday.

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  3. I’m so sorry that we are becoming more and more suspicious of each other. I the early days of cell phones, I would get a message (call or txt) now and then that was clearly for someone else. I always returned the call or text to let them know they had the wrong number. Now, my mind goes immediately to “scam.” That makes me sad.

    Good luck getting everything worked out with your insurance (speaking of scams…).

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  4. I’m with hubby on this. How did you attract someone so intelligent? Anything to do with wine? And I love your sensei. So funny! He deserves Chex Mix. PS: Love Andrew’s letter to insurance company.

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  5. I don’t think it was a scam, just someone lonely. I mean, if someone was that nice to me after making a mistake like that, I would’ve wanted to be friends with them. I hope you recover quickly!
    btw I had to change my name because my boyfriend gave it to me and…on sunday he broke up with me. It was not a good break up at all. The other day we even had a screaming match with each other outside the dojo that almost led to punching but I didn’t want to start that because like…he’s a football player and was a base in cheerleading for most of his life? VERY strong. Me? not so much. He would’ve beat the hell out of me haha. Anyways yeah his dad made him block me and all that. Now I am single hehe. I need to change my pfp too…he made that for me heh.
    Hope your week has been better 😜

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    • You and I think alike. I thought someone just wanted to make a new friend, but you and I are in the minority. Everyone else is saying scammer. So sad. Not that I wanted this “Lily” to be lonely, but I’d rather that than a jerk scammer.

      Also, yiiiiikes. Screaming match? Almost came to blows? Eesh. I’m SO sorry. Sounds like it’s a good thing you got out of that relationship, and for that I’m grateful. Must be awkward being at the same dojo, though. :/

      Nothing wrong with being single. I didn’t seriously date until I met my husband, and that wasn’t until after college. I avoided a lot of pain and heartache by not wasting time with the wrong people. You’re better off without this person!

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  6. Your husband’s thumbs-up should’ve been the last text in either direction, Betsy. A response like “What’s your name?” comes off weird, and a little naive. Seems to me a scammer would take a different tact (but maybe that’s what makes this one effective?) Nope, I’m sticking with naive and lonely. Would love to know where the view is, though. Napa winery maybe?

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    • I wonder where the view is too! I wish this had been on my phone. Even if this was a scammer, I would’ve talked until she/he revealed himself to be one just to settle my curiosity. Alas, it’s too late. The text has been deleted.


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  8. Oh, I totally would have chatted her up. I’ve done that a few times with wrong number texts, and they’ve never been scams. I probably would have asked her to bring over the bottle! Don’t worry, we’d share with Tara, of course.

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  9. An interesting text thread. I would have probably ignored it. Too little context to have substantive conversation. Although you did have some great conversational questions. But you are great a good questions!

    I’m so sorry about the foot. Sensei is funny! I hope you get some relief soon because I think you are doing all the right things. Fingers crossed!

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  10. Oh, no! I hope you start to heal quickly, so you can get back to doing all the fun things. In terms of the text, I may have wanted to know the kind of wine and where that view was, so I’d hold on just a little longer for that information–and then done.

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  11. I hope your doctor gets through to them. I swear, we are not human beings in pain to insurance company’s, just a way for them to spend money. As for the text, I carried on a conversation with a spam text a year ago. When they figured out I was messing with them they told me to F off and left. 🀣

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  12. I don’t think it was a scam. I think it was an innocent mistake. I say this because I know I recently sent a text with a photo of what I was sipping to a number I thought was a friend– except I had the wrong number. In my case no one bothered to correct me. Of course I don’t have a fancy mani so there’s that…

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  13. I wouldn’t have chatted Lily up, Betsy, but only due to time constraints. The only random texts I get right now are political ads. And I’m not encouraging those. And oh no about your boo-boo. Just toss away those crutches and slap on a bandaid, girl. Honestly, insurance companies. I’d roll my eyes if they were so infuriating. Thank goodness you weren’t having a heart attack.

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  14. Oh man this sort of thing never happens to me, I feel like I would also enjoy such an exchange as well lol unless/until they started asking me about banking information and internet passwords LOL… I have to admit, I’ve been Lonely Lily myself, not the lonely part but the Lily part, accidentally texting others with daily updates lol a not-so-recent post outlined me taking a hoity-toity pic of my cappuccino and laptop in Starbucks (it was special, to be shared among friends, because it was the first time I was able to venture out to a Starbucks to do some writing in a couple years) but unlucky for me I accidentally shared that pic with another patron of the cafe LOL ooyyyy vayy me!

    *sucks about your MRI, how Rude!!

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    • Ha! How wild. Did the other cafe patron say something to you? Is that how you knew you’d managed to somehow send it to him/her?

      And, yeah, I would’ve given Lily the benefit of the doubt and enjoyed the random exchange with a stranger unless/until the scam became clear. Then I’d be supremely annoyed. :/

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    • Haha. Thanks for the comment, Cindy. I used it as leverage to get Stuart over here. Can’t believe he went for it so quickly. The blogging world is fun, isn’t it? I’m happy to meet you. I will be sure to check out your blog as well, but as I’ve been trying to patiently explain to Stuart, I am waaaaayyyy behind in my blog reading. At least three for him. Sigh. But I have an upcoming vacation. Hoping to get caught up then. πŸ™‚
      Cheers to you! Welcome aboard!


  15. I would’ve totally continued chatting, just to see what scheme that person’s running. Can’t scam me if there’s nothing to be scammed. Plus, even if I _do_ get scammed, that means I’ll get a blog post out of it, lol.

    But yeah, I’m with your husband on that one. Most probably a catfishing scam of some sort.

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    • Look at you! Ugh! There goes my small bit of insurance. I am fully the bad guy now. Fine! I’ll get caught up! I’ll get caught up!
      Haha. Nothing quite like bullying you into reading. Well done, though. And I concur with your assessment of this scam thing. Enough readers have weighed in now to convince me.


  16. We are extremely suspicious re texts/calls/emails/messages from unknowns – too many potential scam scares for our liking. So I’m afraid the legitimate Lonelies wouldn’t get any satisfaction from us!

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    • Just found your comment in the spam folder. I need to remember to go through there more often. Sorry for the delay! Yes, it was confirmed by someone on Twitter who had received the same thing, that this is a scam. So sad. :/


  17. I know this post is older, but I’m not sure I’d call someone trying to hook up with someone a β€˜scam.’ Shady AF, maybe! My husband used to get texts from someone who called him, β€˜Kiwi.’ Cracked us up because the texts were usually about something she baked for β€˜Kiwi.’ Or when he was coming over.

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