It all started with Bill Peet


Note: This post has been updated!

Little did young Betsy and young Mike Allegra know that, thanks to a shared fondness of Bill Peet, especially his book, Capyboppy, they would decades later bond over capybaras.

Nor, probably, did little Mike know that he would one day write a book of his own about capybaras! Or that Betsy would revel in this exciting news and write a blog post promoting Mike’s book! (If you had told them, they’d probably both say: “What’s a blog post?”)


Mike held a giveaway contest that ended today, because I’m basically the worst at getting stuff done in time, (so sorry, Mike!) but regardless, check out this adorable book, and the super fun (and funny) way Mike and his son chose the winner. (It wasn’t me. Nor should it have been because, as aforementioned, I’m the worst.)

Still! Read Mike’s post and get a capy copy for yourself!


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  1. That’s such a cute boook! This reminds me of the time (the memory is hazy now) that a capybara escaped my local zoo and the headlines were everywhere about where this little guy escaped to and the only thing I could think of at the time was, What the heck is a capybara LOL…

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