The part I didn’t tell you.

The part I didn’t tell you.

This post could also be called: Seriously? Again with the foot?!

I’m afraid so, friends.

Somewhere around my fourth or fifth Jiu-Jitsu drill attempt, I crunched my left foot beneath me. (Yep, that one again.) I drove my knee to the ground, as planned, but somehow didn’t leave enough space for my foot to flip over so the shoelace side would be down. Instead, with my knee to the ground, my foot started to flatten bottom-side down.

Go ahead and see what that must be like. I’ll wait.

You see? No bueno.

I kept going anyway, but then put my hand down when I wasn’t supposed to, so, knowing we’d have to redo it for that mistake anyway, I called a halt.

I just chilled, breathed through the pain, and a couple minutes later, was back on my feet, pain-free.

Isn’t the human body amazing? I’m guessing adrenaline kicked in and carried the day. I didn’t feel any more pain until sometime later, back at home, when I was walking around a bunch, out of necessity, and was like, “Huh. My foot hurts.”

I finished helping make pretzels for the Taekwondo belt ceremony and continued with my life. (Yep, same day. It was a productive one!)

Thank goodness this Taekwondo class was only a belt ceremony and not a normal lesson in all its running, jumping, kicking glory. There was, however, a bit of running: up to receive the belt, certificate, and Grey Poupon mustard packet. (That makes zero sense if you haven’t first read this.) Then running backwards to my spot on the floor. Afterward was just a bunch of standing around, talking, eating, and joking about decades-old commercials.

Pardon me…

Though I again felt zero pain at the ceremony, once home, I was limping.

I guess when I’m distracted, I don’t notice the screaming protests in my extremities.

So I elevated and iced.

Ice, frozen peas, whatever.

The day after, my foot had swollen up like a plastic glove that’s been blown up like a balloon.

It looks particularly weird since you can’t see the bend at the ankle. In fact, you can’t see the ankle. From there to my toes I’m puffier than normal, and I still can’t fully bend my toes.

I eventually got some of that compression wrap stuff and borrowed crutches from a friend. A very good friend, as she also included a gift bag with this:

Beer, candy, bonbons in a Tupp-Tupp. The beer did not come mostly drunk. (But I did! Badump-chh!) It was opened immediately upon arrival, however.

A week later, with little improvement, I decided to call a doctor. Maybe following the advice of Dr. Google, which said, do all the things I’d been doing, wasn’t enough?

I did a telemedicine thing.

Doctor: How’d it happen?

Me: Doing martial arts.

Doctor: So, like a front kick?

Me: No, it was a double leg takedown. I drove my knee down, and my foot didn’t have room to flip over so–

Doctor, chuckling: Okay.

Apparently he didn’t require the full explanation.

He sent me to get an x-ray. Nothing was broken, but no real surprise. It didn’t hurt that bad. I have another telemedicine visit, this time with video, set for tomorrow. [These at-home doctors appointments are one good thing to come from Covid. What a time saver! And I AM on crutches, after all.]

So it seems the day of my greatest triumph brought with it my greatest downfall.

What am I to make of that? Something philosophical, witty, or wise? Or just a random fluke? Is the universe telling me to slow down? I’m bummed I’m going to get behind now when NOT falling behind the others was the whole point in taking that private lesson and getting part of testing done in the first place. (Irony.)

I’m also not happy about missing Taekwondo, especially since… are you ready for this? Now we get to break boards. Yes, with our feet.

I’m going to let that sink in for a moment.

I’ll be sure to use my right foot, to be safe. Then again, maybe my left foot is like, “Meh. What more could she do to me?” Well, I haven’t broken it.


Seriously, though, what do y’all think of me landing on crutches after what was to be my greatest triumph? Pride goeth before the fall? Or just, that’s life? I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Betsy, Betsy, Betsy … sigh …
    Now in this case it looks like the fall went before the pride so don’t beat yourself up for that.

    Just two other points:
    Next time try frozen corn – I’ve heard it gets colder than peas.
    and a true friend would have brought a six pack of beer – where are the other five beers? Did you drink them before taking the picture and writing this post? That’s the last one isn’t it …

    and when it comes time to break boards – bring a hammer, don’t risk your remaining limbs … πŸ˜‰ Okay, that’s like four points, but my degree is in English, not math, chill (with peas or corn, whatever).

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    • Thanks, Andrew. I won’t beat myself up. I have others to do that for me. (Can you hear that whua whua laugh sound at a corny joke?)

      Speaking of corn: colder than peas. Noted! πŸ˜‰

      Now I’m disgruntled that I didn’t get a six pack! Where’s my six pack? (Insert a ‘corny’ joke about abs.)

      Bring a hammer! I’m going to tell Sensei that line. πŸ˜›

      Thank you, friend. πŸ™‚

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    • lol, after spending 15 minutes in a rabbit hole of Grey Poupon commercials on youtube, I’ve emerged a properly seasoned woman πŸ˜€

      I do agree with Andrew about the lack of beer, though … Or was this a later photo? I sort of expected another photo like the one that was circulating the web a couple of years ago of a riot in the stands, with people beating each other up, and one calm gentleman in the edge of the photo, smiling and sipping his beer. It should be captioned “when I grow up, I want to be ParentingIsFunny” πŸ˜€

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  2. Oh myyy goodness. What is up with Jiu-jitsu injuries lol. I think I told you about the time my partner decided to show me some jiu-jitsu and promptly injured my leg. Yeah that sucks. I relate to like, for some reason, right after the injury, being fine and then later it’s like oh crap what did I do. I injure my feet and calves soooo much! I’m kinda used to it having planter’s faciitis and all. Be careful, take it easy!

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  3. I don’t know whether to go ‘ pat pat there there’ or laugh at your undamaged humour! As said above, no good deed goes unpunished; that seems to be the best explanation.
    Must say I rather miss your posts about the girls and Joe and your trail mix and hens that turn out not-to-be- hens.

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  4. I _just_ got a weird ‘injury’, you know the type that doesn’t even register on the day, then you wake up the next day not able to move an entire leg. I have no idea how I got it, but my knee all the way to my ankle seems to be tweaked, and so I’m resting for the week. Only BJJ does this to me, lol. But the peace that I get after classes balances it all out. Here’s to always doing the sport in good health (and get well soon)!

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  5. Phooey. I don’t know if I’d attribute much deep meaning to this situation, but it has slowed you down. Will you bounce back? Heck ‘ya! Will you enjoy beer and bonbons and lollygagging while you recuperate? Heck ‘ya! That’s what we call balance.

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  6. At least your foot injury happened in a much cooler way than mine. You were practicing some badass Taekwondo move, while I was stepping off a curb distractedly.

    Having said that, maybe you wood be better off staying away from boards at this point.

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  7. The women’s group at my church are doing a study by Pricilla Shirer called “Breathe.” Emphasizing how God created the Sabbath – not necessarily a particular day – but a recognition that we need to take time to just rest – stop all the running about – and reflect, meditate, rest. Maybe God wants you to do that now. πŸ™‚

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  9. Any story starting with the word “crunch” can’t be heading to a good place. Unless you’re at Taco Bell and having one of those hard shell/soft shell thingees. They’re awesome. Hope you heal up in a hurry, Hannah (er, Betsy).

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    • Ah, Dave. A man after my alliterative heart! You’re right–crunching into a taco is pretty much the only acceptable crunch. Well, maybe heavy work boots crunching through a gravel driveway. But your example is more tasty. Thanks, man.
      (And now I’m craving Mexican…)

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