One text to rule them all. Or so I thought.

One text to rule them all. Or so I thought.

To Sensei:

I’m just going to tell you this now so you’re prepared. I don’t want you to start crying and cause a scene, making L. ease away slowly while forcing an apologetic smile for those witnessing this unfortunate display.

It looks like we’ll have to cancel class tomorrow night.

Now, now, Sensei! Compose yourself! It’s going to be okay.

Sensei! Breeeeeeaaaathe. Innnnnn….. Ouuuuuuuuuttttt…. Very good. That’s right. Now thank whomever just brought you a chair. Oh, and that person who handed you a tissue and tossed a sympathetic smile to your wife.  Now, again, it’s going to be O-Kay!

You see a friend of mine from college—that’s a place smart people go after high school, maybe you’ve heard of it—will be in San Diego on business tomorrow night. Breeeeeeathe. That’s right, very good, Sensei. You’re doing great.

So Hubby and I will drive down to meet him for dinner. Yes, that’s right, dinner. Good, good. Shhh… shhhh… Remember, everything is going to be O-kay. I promise. We’ll still have Thursday night. It’s just a few days later. Then you’ll get to see us again. Alright? That’s not too bad, right? Just a few more days.

That’s a good boy. Just wipe your nose one more time. Nope. You missed it. Try again. Much better. Okay. Very good. We’ll see you Thursday, Sensei.

Ah, now, come on, Sensei! I told you! It’s going to be okay!

Could someone please get him another tissue?!

I was fully prepared to accept my crown as the queen of this insult war Sensei and I play. Then he responded.

Admittedly, not bad, though he’s used that one before.

In honor of always wanting to try new things, particularly when they’re recommended by blog buddies, this is the drink I ordered at the restaurant.

Now, I could just tell you what it is, but wouldn’t it be more fun to guess? And if you’re the mystery person who once posted about this particular drink, not only should you know what it is, you should know who you are. 😉

On our way home, Hubby and I decided to stop by the gas station. We waited for a car to pull away, then pulled up to the middle pump, right behind…

“Well, hello there,” I said, hopping my good foot out the passenger door, leaving the bad one resting inside.

“Okay, where’d you hide the tracker in my car?”

“The Universe knew you couldn’t bear waiting until Thursday, so here I am.”

What are the odds?!

I had been driving my girls to Taekwondo and sitting in the back, watching, checking Twitter, reading blogs, etc. But getting into the gym requires hopping up and down a set of 16 stairs. Now seven weeks into my inability to walk, my “good” foot has begun to protest this abuse and overuse. My heel constantly throbs, the ball only slightly less so.

No longer able to brave those stairs, I now sit in my van in the dark parking lot to check Twitter, read blog posts, etc, especially since Stuart has been giving me a hard time about not keeping up with him. ;P

My insurance appeal was finally approved. My MRI will be Nov. 26. Hopefully it won’t take weeks to get the results. Praying this is not a surgery situation. I truly have no idea what to expect. The range could be:

“Your foot is fine. Take the brace thingy off and start walking, you wuss!”


“Holy cow. This is bad! You must be super tough. You ought to be in agony.”

I’m really hoping for something akin to being called a wimp than a super hero. But given that the ball of that foot and the toes are still swollen, and my ginger attempts to put weight on it continue to fail, it doesn’t look likely I’ll have the privilege of being insulted by my doctor.

At least I still have Sensei for that.


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  1. I had a Betsy inspired dream. I was in a jiu jitsu class and, like the dreams we used to have in grade school, it was time to test our skills and I was woefully unprepared. I wouldn’t even bring this up but when it was my turn to fight an opponent, I was suddenly jolted awake in pain. I had, involuntarily, kicked the wooden frame of my bed! And so hard my foot was bruised. My foot looked not unlike the photos of yours (but not as bad). Weeks later, and I still cannot believe it happened.

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  2. I don’t know the name of the drink since I’m not good at naming drinks that don’t come right out of the bottle over ice. I have to say I think Sensei got ya. Yours was clever but his was a gut punch. Hope your MRI comes out with the cast off the brace and go to war.

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  3. Cute blog, Betsy! You set Sensei up good with that long monologs, so that he only has to come back with the one-liner, like the straight man in a comedy routine. Kudos to you both. And I hope that foot gets better. Thank heavens you don’t need it to type.

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    • Thanks, Flojo. Can you believe I saw him at the gas station that night? How is no one commenting on how crazy that was? And we could have pulled up to any pump, or gotten there a minute later… We also finished pumping at the exact same time.


  4. Oh, you nailed the last sentence of the post!! Brilliant!

    Great text to Sensei! And his come back wasn’t bad. What a fun war of words. If you do martial arts, at least you can do verbal TWD!

    I hope you get a clear plan after your MRI! Sending lots of “heel”-ing wishes!!

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  5. That was the most amazing reply from him ever…
    Looks like I won’t be doing martial arts for a while too, as I had to leave my krav dojo due to learning the owner and main instructor is a really horrible man who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Won’t have to see my ex anymore, yay lol but I’m BORED and now have to find a new dojo 😑
    i have no idea what that drink is…being underaged…heh…

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      • I would absolutely love to try and find a dojo that does jiu-jitsu…if the instructor doesn’t lose patience with me. And I don’t give up. I honestly don’t REALLY want to do jiu-jitsu because it is very frustrating and hard for me to do, my brain doesn’t connect to my body when I’m on the ground. It just discourages me. I can give it another go, tho

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      • Well, there are other MAs, like karate or TKD. Those are much less technical, if you want to start there. Such great work outs, from my perspective, too.

        Also, tbh, I was so sucky at JJ when I started. It took a long time for it to click. I’ve dealt with my “I should just quit” demons, and still am now with this setback, but being forced to fight through the frustration teaches you a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of.

        I hope you’re able to explore and find something that suits you well! 🙂

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  6. It’s great that you’re finally getting down to the real problem with your foot. Must be frustrating to have this loom over you for weeks. Here’s to getting a leg up (heh) over your injury! Such an honour to be mentioned here btw.

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  7. Check the right rear wheel well for the tracker. That’s where I put them … you might also check any bags you take with you to class (again, lower right corner, possible inside the lining or small pocket).

    Glad you’re getting the MRI. But if the doc can’t fix your foot, stop by my shop. I’m sure a few nails, a little epoxy and blue tape – maybe a little sandpaper and varnish and I can fix that foot right up …

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  8. I would have legitimately done a spit-take, had I read your exchange with your Sensei not 30 seconds prior while sipping my coffee. Brutal. lol

    Sensei – One who can reduce paragraphs of elaborate insults into a single sentence.

    “It is said, the Warrior’s is the twofold Way of pen and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways.” ~Miyamoto Musashi

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    • Glad you enjoyed it, Tom. 😁 And great quote. Stuart, who’s blog I mentioned here links back to his post about what 7 years of jujitsu have taught him. He wrote this supposedly common JJ phrase that I hadn’t heard: It’s not about who’s best. It’s about who’s left. I immediately thought of you because I know that’s one you for sure could get behind. I emailed it to myself so I can see it again often.

      I’m going to have a tough road when I get back. Though my injury was in the process of testing, I feel
      I’ll have to retrain as a near-newbie when I finally am able to get back to it. Not a total loss. Solidifying the basics will be good for me.

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  9. “It’s not about who’s best. It’s about who’s left.” I’ve heard this phrase many a time. In a word: Yep.

    Some people you thought would quit, stick with it. Some people you thought would stick with it, quit.

    I’ll check Stuart out, for sure. There’s a Black Belt out of Montana that I started following recently here on WordPress. She’s an excellent communicator and just wrote a post about injuries. Coach Leah BJJ, Rolling Under The Big Sky. Check her out, you’d benefit from her writing.

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  10. haha his response was epic (although not so much after knowing he’s used it before) lol.. thank god for the MRI now! Honestly, is that how long you’ve been off your foot because that seems like a long time! Not sure how you’ve been managing but great job not giving up on life (I would!)!!! LOL Also, no clue what that drink is, do tell when you can! Did you enjoy it?

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    • It was a tamarind margarita: sweet, spicy and delicious! And yep, the accident was September 29. It’s annoying, but I have a friend who was in a bad snowboarding accident. He had it way worse. Keeping that perspective helps.


  11. Reading this post was like an episode of Twilight Zone … really, what are the odds????
    Hope the MRI brings better news than not … more importantly, hope you are able to recover a healthy foot soonest!

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    • Thank you! No one else seemed shocked by that thoroughly unlikely encounter. The timing! The number of people in this general living area! Heck, the number of gas pumps at that Costco! It seemed like one in a million, and that of all nights.

      Three more days until the MRI. Oooh, hoping and praying for good news!


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