Birthday Bashing


On my birthday, one of the girls asked for a bedtime story. So naturally I said, “Thirty-nine years ago today, the most wonderful mom in the world was born.”

My husband added: “And so was Betsy.”

(Reminiscent of the famous choosing a cat story, don’t ya think?)

Hubs texted me that day: “Do you have a cake?”

Me: “No.” I mean, if I had one, I’d have had to bake it myself. So, clearly no. Which was fine with me. Just show me to the nearest ice cream. But he said, “No wife of mine isn’t going to have a baked good on her birthday.”

He turned up after work with six mini fruit pies from Walmart. Fifty cents each.

Who says the romance is dead?


You’ll note there are only five pies pictured. The sixth, an additional apple pie, was left out. That’s my husband’s favorite. He bought two of those. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

I leaned to the side so as not to mar the view of my single candle (to reflect the age I act) and my little “Happy Birthday” sign.

And I missed the candle. Yep. One candle to blow out, and I missed it. I have bad aim and/or I’m truly getting up their in age. At least my dentures didn’t fly out.

My sister sent me this. Any of you remember these? Burger King had them when we were kids.


That’s right, Cookin’ with Alf.

I love my sister. She wins the prize for the most random gift.

What’s the weirdest birthday present you’ve ever received?

And now a pro-tip for my fellow Californians. Have you heard of You get paid to save electricity. This is energy-crisis-California, after all. I signed up because they give you a $10 Target card just for doing so, but it’s a fun challenge to find things to turn off or unplug, like the microwave, when they ask you to for one hour a week. If you succeed, you get a little cash. If nothing else, there’s the gift card at stake, people. (An Amazon gift card is also an option.) I invite you to check it outΒ and then buy something truly random for someone’s birthday.

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  1. I remember Alf! And my kids are obsessed with the Wal-mart mini pies. “Can we get a pie?” they always ask me. “They’re only 50 cents!”
    I hope you enjoyed yours, perhaps with some ice cream.

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  2. Well, I have to give credit for the pies. We have recently discovered those little pies and my husband loves them. I think it’s the idea of being able to eat an entire pie at one sitting. A mental boost kind of thing.

    Obviously that is not the point of your post. So happy birthday! And what a great way to get people to pay attention to their electricity useage! Using your birthday to pull attention to it. Well done PIF!!!

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    • Yes, tying the b-day with the electricity thing. Let’s pretend that was all a part of my grand plan. πŸ˜›
      Now that we’ve discovered the pies, I have a feeling they may become a birthday tradition for us all, which is wonderful news for me. Low cost, minimal work!

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  3. LOL! Seriously, you missed ONE candle? (BTW LOVE that it’s the age you act *snicker*) What did the girls say? Or were they recording it for America’s Funniest Videos? And man, if your hubs was going to bring home mini-pies, you’d think he would have gone all out and included ice cream. I mean, how often does a gal turn, erm, 29! Yeah, 29–well, okay, we get multiple 29th birthdays. But c’mon, ice cream and pie! It’s like peanut butter and jelly. Ketchup and mustard (unless you’re Joe, in which case ketchup rules and forget the mustard!). Lilo and Stitch. Ahh, I’d better stop.

    Hope you had a great birthday!

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    • “unless you’re Joe”–great one. I have terrible aim. I’d tell you about my failed attempts at blowing in Hubs’ ear during our early days, but that just shows that this has been a chronic problem. The girls were too polite to laugh. I think they just wanted me to hurry so they could eat. We HAD ice cream! I just forgot! I think Joe was overdue for bed, and I forgot. 😦 More for later!

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  4. Happy Birthday, Betsy! I’m going to share this post with the hubs so he can see how birthdays are supposed to be celebrated! I’ll take a fruit pie ala mode any day. And that California cash incentive is a great idea. I don’t know if we can get Oregon to do it. Up here we still believe in clean coal. *Sigh*

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  5. Ah, there’s nothing like spouses to keep one humble. Enjoy your b’day…and the last, fleeting months of “Your 30s”.

    As for weird birthday gifts, a few years ago, my beloved wife bought be steampunk goggles. I never asked for steampunk goggles. I never even *thought* about steampunk goggles. But once I opened that box, Lordy did I WANT steampunk goggles!

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