This is what happens when I shop without my husband.


I get silly and perhaps slightly whimsical with my children and buy junk like this:


It was cute and only $2. That should’ve been my first clue. It works as well as any $2 potato peeler would, that is, not at all. But, at least it was only $2!

And also this:


See the bunny in the vines? He looks cute and innocent, doesn’t he?

Look closer.



What about now?


I didn’t move him to the sidewalk. He did that on his own.

I swear he was so adorable on the shelf, I thought the $7 impulse buy was worth it. That was all part of the con. Once I brought him home, he started giving me the evil eye. I had my husband come out and look.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“He looks a little mischievous.”

“I think the word you’re going for is demonic.”

I returned it the next day. I tried to sneak it away without the girls seeing, but they’re too crafty. “Noooo… Where are you taking the bunny??”

“Sorry, girls, but it was much cuter at the store than it is here. It’s gotta go.”

Maybe they secretly agreed with me or were afraid to admit he appeared in their nightmares, as there was no further discussion.

Would you have fallen for the peeler or the rabbit straight out of a Twilight Zone episode? Careful. If you comment that you think he’s cute, he might inexplicably show up on your doorstep.

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  1. I’m still a bit concerned about the peeler – they could be working together. I bet the peeler was sending out messages like, “Buy the bunny, buy the bunny.” Good thing you had the power to resist, but the peeler is the real danger – get rid of it before weaker minds in your home fall victim to it …

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  2. Maybe you’d like to recall that news item about a man arrested in Scotland for carrying a potato peeler in public ‘ without reasonable excuse’? And just maybe it was this peeler?! Yikes!


  3. Ha! I actually have the Spud Dude potato scrub brush. It was also $2 at JCPenney, but I needed a filler item to use my $10 off $25 coupon. So really, it was free. AND cute!

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  4. Couldn’t help but giggle at the demonic bunny, but I do have to say he looks kinda cute..!
    The potato peeler is sweet, that’s the sort of cheaper purchase I tend to make too often because it’s novel, even if it’s something I know I’ll probably never use or already have two of at home! πŸ™‚

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  5. Uh, I thought he was cute….Hm….now the potato peeler is a tad weird, but I guess it’s ok. On the other hand, my Princess walked in the door today with a piece of driftwood with a face on it that she bought at a garage sale, and she wants to nail it to the front of our house. Yes, you read correctly. She wants it on the front of our entry way..Thank God we have rules in these here parts of the Pacific NorthWest!!!! ;>)

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