Momma kitty


My youngest loves cats and kittens. A recent visit to the library netted her this book, which became our bedtime “story.”


Ridiculously cute, am I right?

For kicks and giggles, I was subtly adding words in my “reading voice.”

For instance (not a direct quote from the book): “Cats are fun and playful just like Momma.”

“Cats are beautiful and smart just like Momma.”

Then my husband walks in and says, “Cats are furry and poop all over the place.”

To which my daughter added, with no hesitation: “Just like Momma.”

I laughed so loud I made her jump. Poor kid.

Ah, this family….

What’s your pet of choice? We still have a hamster. Only 1.5 years, roughly, until that sucker dies! Then I told the girls we MAY get a cat.  Though my oldest has already put in a bid for a dwarf hamster once Punzie dies. Apparently we love fur in this house. The pooping everywhere is debatable.


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  1. Cats have chosen me as their leader. Five have moved into my house and promise that soon all cats will be following me and I shall be king of the cats, commanding a vast cat army that will soon take over the world!!!! buhaha.

    Personally, I kind of like cats.

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    • I’ve always been a cat person, but I visited my sister and brother-in-law’s house with their two little fluffy white yip yip dogs (I believe that’s the technical term for their breed), and they jumped all over me with excitement. (We’d met before. I’d rubbed their bellies.) So I could see why some people like dogs. They might be interesting to try… once.


      • That’s a dangerous strategy, you being a cat person considering one day trying out a dog. Personally, I think it is easier for dog people to adjust to cats than cat people to adjust to dogs.

        For example: dog to cat
        You mean I don’t have to take this pet outside to do its business in the middle of a hail storm? What a delight!

        Cat to dog
        You mean I am expected to repeatedly pick up and throw this slobber covered thing dropped at my feet rather than just the one time scope and throw into the trash can? How disgusting!


      • Excellent point, Allie P. This is why I come to you with all my life-changing decisions. I will simply visit my in-law’s dogs to play with them and leave their owners to do the messy stuff–grandparent style. Thank you!

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  2. Ha ha ha! Cats all the way. 🙂 They are also usually very clean in the poop department. Litter training most kittens tends to be to put them in the litter box once and they are good to go from that point on (although some will go back in there to play as kittens, or just to practice digging…so…heh, it depends on their personalities). They are also actually quite trainable if you start them young and stick with it. My youngest cat is just over a year old and loves to play fetch, will high five and jump to different perches with visual commands but must be suitably rewarded with treats for all her accomplishments. If you look into clicker training for cats and start them early it gives them a playful outlet to burn off energy and learn that listening to you could be beneficial to them, which never hurts in the long run. 🙂


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