Can you hear me groan from there?


My daughter decided to give her brother peanut butter. Then she called me: “Mom, Joe needs to be cleaned up.”


Who says orange isn’t a good color on me?


Hmm… Should I have smeared it all over?


What do you think?


I’m thinking, “Yeah. Totally worth it.”

Which of these expressions is your fave? And/or, what’s the biggest mess you’ve had to clean up?

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is….. that you did not FIRST clean up this little guy covered in peanut butter, but you FIRST grabbed your camera to take photographs! Way to go Mommy!

    These pics can definitely come back and haunt him in the future…. hee hee hee

    Love it!

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  2. Favorite pic? How could I possibly choose? πŸ™‚

    The biggest (at least, most memorable) mess I had to deal with was when my eldest was 10 months old. She had just started “cruising” along the furniture. The two of us came back from a week long vacation (hubby stayed another week on business). While we were gone, a neighbor had been watering our vegetable garden. She kindly picked the ripe tomatoes and left them on the coffee table for us. I bet you can see where this is going…

    I opened the suitcase on the living room floor and left the room to put something away. When I came back 2 minutes later, daughter was standing up at the coffee table with a huge smile on her face, a tomato in her fist, and several more smeared all over. Even though I was all alone to deal with this “disaster”, I had to laugh. And of course, I grabbed my camera!

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    • So glad you grabbed your camera. That sounds awful, though! I hope some of it at least got eaten! I have a tomato-related messy face picture too! You just reminded me. I’ll have to share that in the future.


  3. He’s looking pretty cute! πŸ™‚ The WORST mess was Vick’s Vaporub for kids. We were sleeping over at a relative’s house and didn’t realize he had access. 😦

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  4. When my brother and sister were about four or five years old (twins), I gave them peanut butter apples. I coated the outside of two whole apples with peanut butter because I thought that would be a healthy snack. Then, they rolled them all over the carpet in our finished basement. Mom and Dad were not too happy:)

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  5. LOL! In my house, when the boys were that age, they liked to reach down and pet the dogs, thereby smearing peanut butter all over their fur. This then allowed the dogs to go to a place of their choosing and roll around (couch, carpet, bed) continuing the spread. Plus then the offending child not only had peanut butter hands, but furry peanut butter hands. So nasty!
    I love the last picture – adorable!

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