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Momma kitty


My youngest loves cats and kittens. A recent visit to the library netted her this book, which became our bedtime “story.”


Ridiculously cute, am I right?

For kicks and giggles, I was subtly adding words in my “reading voice.”

For instance (not a direct quote from the book): “Cats are fun and playful just like Momma.”

“Cats are beautiful and smart just like Momma.”

Then my husband walks in and says, Read the rest of this entry

The hamster “maze”


This little operation was well under way by the time I got wind of it. They had a blast, and Punzie worked for her food for a change.

Aug 001Aug 002

For the record, those are sunflower seeds, honest! Read the rest of this entry

In Memoriam: Goldy


I was never very good at taking care of pets as a kid. Apparently that’s not a skill I’ve gained with age, either.

First we had a hamster that escaped from its cage frequently. On one occasion, when he seemed gone to the point of no return, I threw out his cage. Sure enough, a few days later I heard my husband yelling, “Aaah! Something’s on me!” Read the rest of this entry