The hamster “maze”


This little operation was well under way by the time I got wind of it. They had a blast, and Punzie worked for her food for a change.

Aug 001Aug 002

For the record, those are sunflower seeds, honest!Aug 003Aug 004

She looks a little angry in the picture above. I guess she’s not real keen on running a course for her food.Aug 005

And a little something extra for the way back home. Amazing that her cheeks held all of that. See how her bedding gets caught in her fur? Time for a haircut, hamster!

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    • Obstacle course, yes! I suggested an all out maze, but she doesn’t seem to have as good a sense of smell as mice. She doesn’t know the food is there unless she sees it, hence the girls laying the path out for her to make her complete the course. If it was a maze, she’d probably just hang out near the entrance. Like I said, lazy hamster.


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