Mary Shelley has nothing on me


After much back and forth internal debate, some soul-searching, lengthy discussions with Hubby, late-night consultations with a priest who doubles as an exorcist (that last part was particularly important), I decided to send Sensei a link to my last post.

What happened next?

This. Is that story.


So readers, what say you? Was it worth visiting the evil lab of sewn together body parts to bring you this entertainment?

Let’s hope so. And if not, may God have mercy on my soul.


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  1. You know, he’s right, he is a truly humble person. Only a really humble person understands how awesome they are.

    Like me, I’m very humble and have just learned to live with my awesomeness.

    and he is right, we just skip to the Sensei part of your posts first. But I do go back and read the whole thing, because you often have other interest lines I can make a joke out of. Wait, I shouldn’t have said that … ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Janis brings up an interesting topic w/ “non-blogging friends”, Betsy. When I first started my blog I was hesitant to just put my writing out there for all to see, but I never made an effort to hide my posts from anyone. Figured “hiding” is impossible online anyway. So I’d love your take on this – maybe your next blog entry. Sensei was a good sport about your writing. Are there others where you wonder how’d they’d react to your online persona?

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      • Sometimes I worry about what my mom will think, or my in-laws, if they happen to read. (Hubby worries about that too.) If the CMG reads my latest post, though I highly doubt it, he may have concerns. Otherwise, I like my online persona. I would be honored if my real life friends read it.

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  2. There is no one in real life who knows I have a blog. I mean, I talk about other peopleโ€™s blogs occasionally, but itโ€™s funny that no one has questioned whether I also write one. The last thing I want to do is censor myself. You are brave!

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    • You’re the second person, so far, to say none of her friends know about her blog. Isn’t that intriguing? Why do we do that, I wonder? Perhaps it’s just easier to bare our souls to strangers? I can’t imagine that you’ve written anything truly controversial that would cause you to be shunned by your friend group. I wonder why wouldn’t say the same things we write on our blogs to our real-life friends. Sensei is a complete outlier from my friend group. I wonder if that makes any difference for me. Hmmm. You’ve made me think, Bijoux.


      • I did write more personal things, way back when, but I guess I just donโ€™t want to share my online friends with real life friends and vice versa? And thereโ€™s a safety zone here where I can be myself and not be questioned. Does that make sense? Itโ€™s hard to explain, but itโ€™s nice to have something personal that I donโ€™t have to share.

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      • “And thereโ€™s a safety zone here where I can be myself and not be questioned.”–That is a great assessment of blogging! I get it. “itโ€™s nice to have something personal that I donโ€™t have to share.” I hear ya.


  3. During my first marriage, my wife had no idea I had a blog. Probably still doesn’t even to this day. Boy, did that come in handy as a day-by-day chronicle of the dissolution of our marriage. Sounds terrible, but it really kept me focused, and years later I was able to look back and know that I did the right thing based on how she treated me.

    There was no hiding the fact that I blog from Tara, of course, seeing as how blogging is how and where we met! And it’s much better to be open about these things. I did once tell a former boss about my blog, but man…never again.

    I also hide my blog from my sensei. He’s not nearly as sarcastic as yours.

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    • Crazy to think you could keep something so significant from your spouse, but given that it was your spouse you were writing about, it makes sense.

      I make Hubby proofread when he’s around. When he’s not around, I make him read as soon as he is and tell me his favorite parts. Difference circumstances, obviously. I like my marriage like I like my liquor: not on the rocks.

      So, what was the fallout from telling an old boss about your blog? Did you accidentally write something disparaging about work?

      Hiding your blog from your sensei. Haha!

      P.S. I actually do like my liquor on the rocks, but that would make my play on words too clunky.

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  5. Humble he is, your sensei–not. But he seems like a great person. Many of my real-life friends know I have a blog, and a few remind me they keep up with it. I don’t have a sensei with a wicked sense of sarcastic humor, but I do have a handsome Aussie Muse ๐Ÿ˜€

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