Betsy gets the boot.


So here’s what happened:

On January 9, I finally saw a specialist about the Jiu-Jitsu accident that happened September 29. He took one look at my foot and said, “You’ve got Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which can happen after a surgery or trauma.”

According to Wikipedia: “CRPS is any of several painful conditions that are characterized by a continuing regional pain that is seemingly disproportionate in time or degree to the usual course of any known trauma or other lesion.”

In other words, I developed a condition that means taking a stupidly long time to heal.


He knew it on sight from the discoloration of my foot. Brace yourselves, I’m including a pic.

Nope. Never mind. I looked at my feet again and decided I care about you too much to expose you to that. I’ll paint a picture instead:

One foot is purplish-red and kinda fat. The other is scrawny and white. I’m not sure which is scarier to behold.

So Doc says, “I’ve got to get you moving on it again. You should’ve been in a boot long before now. Let me guess, the previous doctor said stay off it, so you were a good patient and did just that?”

“Well, yeah. I didn’t want to make it worse. I thought it just needed more time to heal.”

“I’d rather you be out of the boot and in a shoe by now, but we’ve got to start with the boot regardless. Use crutches for a while. Then just one crutch until you can do without.”

He felt my right (good) calf then the left.

“That is really weak.”

Thanks, Doc.

“The rule of thumb is three days recovery to every one day of disuse, which means nine months before it’s back to full strength.”

Nine months horrified me (like I’d just accidentally glanced down at my foot, either one of them.) But after that initial shock, I thought, “I’ll do it in three!” Followed by, “Er… maybe.”

Well guess what, plural word that starts with a B, I used only one crutch on Day 1 and tossed it aside (not literally, but darn that would’ve been dramatic and awesome, until it knocked over a lamp) on Day 2.

Just over a week later, my calf has gotten bigger and stronger. It’s nearly the size of the right one ALREADY. However:

  1. It’s not like my right leg was ever as muscular as an Olympic gymnast to begin with, but also,
  2. This boot is large. It’s giving my left leg some great exercise.
Look at this monster. I feel like Robocop.

Something that would’ve been perfectly logical to ask the doctor is: how long until the pain and swelling go away completely? And yet I didn’t think to ask. He did say it would lessen as I used the foot, however. And it has.

As some of you suggested, I asked about a bone density scan. He said, “You could get one, but that’s more of a concern if you were just walking and your leg broke.” This wasn’t actually bone cracks, like Google told me a “bone bruise” was. This was actually trauma to the marrow. (Apparently you CAN’T believe everything you read on the internet. Who knew?!)

My recovery is finally looking good! Even if my foot isn’t. {Shudder.}

But what about the cat?!

Thank you for reading about me when what you really want to know is the answer to Sensei’s cat name from the previous post. I shall inform you thusly:

Me to Sensei: I’m so proud of my blog readers. I gave them options for names you gave your cat, and many of them guessed correctly and with such conviction like, “100% it’s Monkey,” and “Monkey. Final answer,” and “From what I know about this guy, it’s definitely Monkey.” I’m pleased I’ve characterized you well enough for them to know you that well.

Him: Do I get a link to this blog?

Me: No. I don’t want to create a monster like I did the last guy.

Him: I’m disappointed to hear there was a previous blog subject, but I’m glad you moved on to a more interesting star.

Just in case you can’t picture me rolling my eyes, this is what I looked like then.

And because of the talk of his cat, Monkey (Well done to those of you who guessed correctly!), he sent me this for your reading/viewing/his ego-building pleasure:

I’m sure he’s waiting eagerly to hear how y’all respond to that.

So I won’t tell him.

Thanks for reading, friends! If you need me, I’ll be practicing my Robocop impressions.


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  1. Yay! Making progress at last. So does that mean that had you started walking on it a while back, it would have gotten better sooner? Whatever – so glad you are moving now!

    Monkey – I knew it! And I find the picture and description funny – I’m more amazed about the whole reflection of the room without any visible sign of the camera taking the picture. Am I missing it?

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  2. Monkey looks very comfortable. Glad you got some competent care, so now you can work to get back to your advocation. Tell Sensei he should get that dust cleaned off the stove. He might get a dust fire if he’s not careful, and then what would Monkey do?

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  3. Hope you heal soon! Injuries are actually the worst, so sorry to hear about that. Not going to lie though, there were a couple of times in this post that I chuckled because of the way you worded it, not laughing at your pain or anything haha XD

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  4. β€œThe rule of thumb is three days recovery to every one day of disuse, which means nine months before it’s back to full strength.” Is that right? I am amazed, but I don’t know why. No matter what you do, not doing it catches up with you. I like your robocop look, btw. Take care

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  5. First the only thing you can believe on the internet are my posts. Everything I post is pure truth. We have a gas fireplace in our house and turning it on is the second fastest way of gathering all the cats in the same room. Opening the door to the cat food cabinet is the fastest way.

    That looks like a great boot. Maybe you could put some lights on it or install a little speaker so you can play crunching noises as you walk. Or, or, this would be good, put in some spring loaded knives in the toe area for selfdefense.

    Hope this helps the healing.

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  6. My cats would love to be roasted.
    I had a similar thing where I consulted Dr. Google and was slightly off. I do so appreciate all the information, regardless; like, being able to see pictures of people’s sore throats in order to know what to look for (mine was a really really really really really bad sore throat and not a Robocop ankle).

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  7. Oh my goodness, Betsy! I’m a new follower and I’m catching up — glad to hear you’re on the mend…hope you do well with your Robocop work! And…the humor about how to roast a cat? I love it! (Please do NOT tell Monkey I said so — I have a history with angry felines that I needn’t add to.) xo and big smiles! πŸ’•


  8. I’m so glad that you’ve finally seen a specialist. We live and learn. Hope it doesn’t take another nine months to full strength/recovery 😦 Well, if nothing else, you can always apply your Robocop skills. Sensei won’t see that coming πŸ™‚

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  9. I don’t envy you that boot at all. I’have had a few friends who have had to hobble around in those things. I hope you’re out of it soon.

    The only reason I guessed Monkey is because I’m fairly certain it’s a form of karate. Glad to see that guess proven correct. And Monkey looks so comfy under that stove. If there is a source of heat to be had, a cat will seek it out, LOL!

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  10. Yowza! I feel your pain. While playing with our dog, I kicked my husband and broke a toe. The toe had a tumor and I didn’t have to fly for 10 months. Kinda like a vacation where I couldn’t wear shoes but I could drive and kayak.
    Looks like you’re doing things the hard way. Soon you’ll be up and running !

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  11. Oh lord Betsy you make this sound funny and I did laugh but between you and the boot and sensi’s cat monkey, I’m torn between getting scratched or a purple foot. i would like to see it btw.. .Lordy hang in there.. i feel for you! This is no fun at all.
    Somebody should be getting fired here I think. Hang in there my friend.. and please don’t let anyone eat the cat! 😺

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  12. Lol on that roasting cat picture! I can’t believe it’s not burning hot under there! The boot reminds me of the old ball and chain cartoons. I assume you can’t sneak up on anyone wearing that? Well, I guess it’s a β€˜step’ in the right direction. Onward!

    I posted!

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    • Maybe after a while the cat turned over to warm the other side and then walked away, fully heated? Not sure. I’ll have to ask a cat about it the next time I see one.

      Definitely no sneaking for me. There’s a tell-tale step-squeetcsh-step-squeetcsh when I’m coming. That’s my shoe and the velcro of my boot. πŸ™‚

      Great pun! I’m ashamed I didn’t use it! Noted about your post! Thanks. πŸ™‚


  13. “Trauma to the marrow” – ouch. That’s like, generating pain from the inside out, instead of the way most of us roll. You really did a number! Rock the recovery window. You’ll have to include the final photo once both of your feet are purplish-red and kinda fat again. Er…


  14. I think the turning-into-a-monster thing is going to happen either way. And I’m looking forward to it. I’m glad you got a second opinion and your leg is doing better. I hope it heals soon and you’ll be up and kicking ppl in no time.

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  15. You know, I’ve barely recovered from the muscle sprains in my arm following our move…and we’re going to have to do it all over again. I’m sure I would have healed more quickly if I’d used a brace from the start, but like you, I’m kinda stubborn in that regard.

    I prefer my cats microwaved TBH.

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  18. That cat looks soooo comfy! We had a cat that found the heat vent every time the furnace was running. If we wanted to know if the furnace was on (it’s a temperamental thing), we just looked to see where the cat was.

    LOL on the Robocop thing! I mean, not the boot, but the imagery. Look out, Peter Weller! You’re gonna prove the doc wrong and heal up in half the time!

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