So sweet. So innocent. So… wait.


Look! I made a slideshow!

Image 1: What’s Darth Vader holding?

Image 2: Oh, that’s nice. It’s a flower.

Image 3: Joe: “It’s not a flower. It’s a bomb that explodes people.”

Yep. That’s my son, folks.

I recently visited a larger version of the store where I normally buy Chex Mix. Curious, I wandered into the snack aisle to see what varieties of Chex Mix there might be.

Behold! Varieties I didn’t even know existed!

Buffalo Ranch and Ghost Pepper Chex Mix!

Did you know Chex Mix made these flavors? Would you try the Buffalo Ranch with “Flavor Blasted Spicy Buffalo Chex Pieces + Ranch Chex Mix” or the “Hot and Spicy” (ya think?) Ghost Pepper with “Danger” and “Scary Hot” written on the packaging?

Look! I made a poll!

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  1. Well, what else would Darth be holding? Real flowers? You’ve not seen the movies …
    I think I see that the Buffalo Ranch is more expensive. Does that mean that the hot and spicy isn’t selling as well? I’d buy the Ranch – I’ve always wanted a ranch …

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    • I didn’t notice the price tags until looking at this photo. Strange to me that they’re different prices. I don’t think that’s normal (in my experience, but I’ve only bought the more standard kinds.) Given the choice, if they were on sale for 99c, I would try the buffalo ranch one too. A ranch does sound nice. Not sure I’d want to attempt to raise buffalo on it, however. πŸ™‚

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  2. Betsy, is the same son who likes to clean the toilet? He needs a light saber toilet brush that he can use the Force to clean with. As for the hot check mix, as an old guy, I get puzzled by the desire to nuke one’s taste buds with as hot a pepper as one can get.

    I live about ten miles from a store whose owner grows the Carolina Reaper and sells pepper sauces and peppers. The store is based on his brand name “Pucker Butt.” That is not a misspelling. You walk in and half the shelves include Carolina Reaper, while the other half do not. He forewarns people before they try things.


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    • Yikes! And I’m with you, Keith. I don’t think eating should be painful. I’m sure that store owner has carved quite a little enterprise for himself.
      And the lightsaber toilet scrubber is a great idea! Surely, someone must have made such a thing by now.

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    • I have yet to come across dark chocolate! This is separate from the turtle kind? Dang, I gotta catch up. If there was a white chocolate flavor I’d for sure be all over that. Recently discovered Kettle Parmesan and garlic chips. Heavenly.

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  3. Ha ha ha. Joe reminds me of my brother, Betsy. He advanced to blowing up his toys or lighting them on fire in the driveway, and then he grew up to blow up hillsides for the highway construction crew. See what you have to look forward too?! And yes, I’d eat all those Chex!

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  4. Look at you, holding up your end of the bargain! And while you didn’t even notice my cat in that last blog post, I will have you know I absolutely did not miss your photo of Chex Mix here.

    Probably helps that it was the main topic of your post, exploding bombs aside…

    I voted for you to try them both. And of course, you’ll have to report back!

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    • Well, shoot. That store is like 20 minutes away (we do minutes, not miles here too), and my local store, as I believe I alluded to, is lame. How about you search your local store, and let me know if you find any such thing near you. (If the lines are long again, just tear the bag open while you wait.) And you can report back to ME!
      I don’t think I could handle the pepper one. Even the buffalo ranch has me a smidge skeptical. But, yes, I absolutely took that picture to hold up my end of the bargain. Although I must point out that it is far easier for you to obtain pictures of a cat WHO LIVES WITH YOU than it is for me to get pics of CM and somehow make it interesting. If hard pressed, I may insist we up this game to Sydney in clothes or ridiculous poses or something.

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    • I’m guessing it’s like Chex Mix flavor to the MAX!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Can you hear me saying that with an over-the-top male announcer voice? Like someone who runs commentary for monster truck rallies?


  5. You truly captured his sweet, innocent little face. And then, his mischievous cute little face. Funny how children do that to us. Great job on the slideshow. I have not tried that yet. I am not a Chex Mix Person, yet you may convert me. Wow! Creative! A poll! I would buy one, just to give it a try. I like to live dangerously. Fun stuff, Betsy!


  6. Good little man! He knows what’s important to the storyline!

    You have just highlighted why sometimes changing up our routines are productive (says someone who shops in the same grocery store the same day same time each week): those are incredible flavours! Older Daughter & Loving Husband would die for all the spicy permutations (Ghost Pepper included, of course). But what caught my eye was the Buffalo Ranch … I guess you’ve had that one before ….

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    • Joe keeps the story of each of my days interesting, trust me. πŸ˜‰

      I also shop same place, same day, same time, so, you know, when you find what works! I haven’t tried either of those Chex Mix flavors, nor did I buy them. I’d be more apt to try the buffalo ranch, as the ghost pepper one scares me (though I’d still try it at least.) My compliments to your adventurous family members!


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