Human jungle gym

Human jungle gym

Me to my husband: Why are you just sitting there and not getting your work done?


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  1. Betsy, a lesson I learned long ago, is being a human jungle gym gains you free hugs. We used to play several games like this. One of my favorites was “rocket ship.” The kids would sit on my stomach as I laid on the bed. We would count down from ten to liftoff and I would grab them by the bottoms of their thighs and lift them into the air. We would do that over and over again until Dad got tired. Keith

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  2. Betsy, that’s adorable! πŸ˜€ I reckon he’s cut his work cut out for him at being the perfect jungle! I’m impressed by the cushion placed on the arm of the sofa to avoid head injuries by energetic son! πŸ˜€

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  4. I stopped listen to what my ears hear awhile ago. Your existence is your work, just as important if not more than what other’s may think is work. Stillness is also a lot of work and with out it we couldn’t do our other “work.” Wishing you a New Year filled with will and focus and of course blissfully joyful, healthy and prosperous one!

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