Cat Nap Beauty Rest


As a Christmas present, my daughter gave me coupons to sleep with certain of her beloved stuffed animals. When I cashed in one of my coupons, I found this waiting for me in my bed.


Apparently the cat got a head start. And stole my sleep mask. But at least she brought her own special pillow.

In another recent fun adventure, I yelled repeatedly to my son through the open window: “You have to pee first!” in answer to his question of whether or not he could go to the neighbors’ house. Then, from my computer I hear my boss: “What is Betsy saying?” A coworker responded after a snicker, “I think she’s talking to her children.”

I thought I was muted on my conference call. Clearly, I was not.

Anything embarrassing happen to any of you recently? If not, care to make something up to make me feel better? πŸ˜‰

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  1. Oh yeah, I’ve got a good one. My BF works from home and joined a Zoom Meeting when I was outside with the dogs. I brought the dogs back into the house, unaware a Zoom meeting was in progress, and I yelled over at our dog Nikita… “aw come on! We don’t sniff butts in this house!”

    Of course I got the look of death stare from BF, but I waved at the video cam as I walked by and took a bow.

    Butt sniffing between our two dogs happen all the time.

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  2. The best I can do is the day I went to the Starbucks drive thru, but forgot to stop at the little speaker where you give your order and just drove up to the pickup window. It was the fact that there were two cars in front of before I got to the pickup window was the weird part.

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  3. My brewing-an-empty-pot-of-coffee-at-work was pretty much the last embarrassing thing that happened to me, and that was two months ago. Hey, what do you know…I’m on a roll!

    And now I’ve probably jinxed myself, so I’ll check in with you at the end of the week to let you know what embarrassing incident ended up befalling me.

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  4. Yes just today. My husband and I walk every morning at the local mall. It was so cold today I pulled the hood on my jacket up over my head. I normally don’t do that. As we came into the mall I reached up and pulled the hood back. I accidentally caught my wig (which I wear because my hair never came back in good after chemo treatment) and pulled it off too. Just at the moment a couple came walking by. So embarrassed – I tried to get my wig back on as quickly as possible. My husband was trying not to laugh as he said to the couple passing by “You didn’t see that.”

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  5. My son was in his math class via the computer. I heard some kid try to weasel his way out of not doing his homework. I belted out, in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, “Just do it! Do it now!” My son’s computer was not on mute. The same day, I got a look at one of his teachers. The man is fresh out of college, as in, graduated in May. I was gushing at how little and cute he was. I told my highschool aged son he probably wasn’t much younger than his teacher. Again, mute button NOT engaged. Now, my son listens to class through his headphones.

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    • Ok, you definitely win. But I hope that slacker kid took your Arnold words to heart. (If he’s old enough to even know Arnold.) The teacher, I hope, was flattered. Maybe not at the use of the word “little” but the cute part wasn’t bad. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing that! I haven’t seen you on this blog before. You must be new, and have a beautiful, young, talented sister.

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  6. LOL! First, cute that your daughter shares her stuffed animals with you. Then, nope, can’t say I can beat your zoom faux pax. Mostly because my kids are older (unless you count hubs; he’s like a kid sometimes) He loves to cook at lunchtime, so those lunch meetings are sometimes accompanied by banging (I have no idea what hubs is beating to a pulp) or blending, or something.

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  7. That cat is so sweet! Every year at Thanksgiving, Nate “surprises” me by opening the kitchen window–without telling me–because the kitchen gets hot with the turkey baking–and there I am, singing badly and dancing around to whatever is on during the Macy’s parade, and all of the kids and parents who are playing in the green space near my house can hear me–ugh!

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