Co-writing a novel

Co-writing a novel

These two are writing a book together in a google doc. Because they can see what the other is typing, as she’s typing it, when one misspelled a word on her computer, the other corrected it on her own. Then the first wrote in the doc, “Show off,” and they both started laughing.

While they were washing dishes earlier, I heard them discussing what hair color to give a particular character.

“Red hair.”

“But James has red hair.”

“What about black?”


I chimed in with, “How about strawberry blond?”

“Oooh, let’s do that,” said one.

“Yes,” agreed the other.

“You know why?” I said.

In unison they said, smiling, “Because Mom is always right.”

I have them well trained. πŸ˜‰

In other news, I bought Chex Mix, my old friend, for a party (and because it was on sale, natch.) I noticed that one of my friends went at it the way I used to. I smiled wistfully at her. The left overs were eagerly eaten the next day by my son. I may have created a new generation of Chex Mix monster.

Speaking of the little monster, when I tucked Joe into bed one night, he said, “Get ____” something I couldn’t understand.

“What?” I said.

“Get Dad,” he said.

“Oh, okay.” Then I yelled, “Hun!” and in doing so, realized what Joe had first said: “Get Hun.” πŸ™‚

How about you? Read any good books or eat any good snacks lately? Have an opinion on co-writing?

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  1. Tara and I have teamed up to cowrite on my blog a few times, and I always enjoyed that. Probably because we didn’t argue over hair color.

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Chex Mix made a return into your life!

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  2. What fun, Betsy! Smart and creative. Especially because β€œMom is always right.” I have not had Chex Mix in eons. We used to make a version, yet not as good. The β€œGet Hun” made my eyes leak a little. Nothing beats family and home life.❀️ Your co-writing question – likely would drive me batty. Although, don’t knock it till you try it. Happy Valentine’s Day ❀️

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  3. Betsy, I love the fact your children are keen writers already and it takes patience and understanding to co-write. Well done to them … and to you with the odd suggestion here and there. As a journalist I wrote articles together with others and it was a lot of fun bouncing ideas around and writing them up! As for snacks … I’m still enjoying the few Pepparkakor left from Christmas – safely hidden and only allowed out at special times!πŸ˜ƒ

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  4. Love that the girls can co-write without too much arguing (and of course Mom is always right! Is that even a question πŸ™‚ ) And Joe–reminds me of something my mom told me before I had kids: always call him ‘Dad’, not his name, because the kids will start calling him whatever you do. So, ‘hey you’ is out of the question πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ And CM! I just finished a bag of Bold flavor, because anything else is just boring. I am eyeing the bag of jalapeno kettle chips, though …

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    • I recently had jalapeΓ±o cheddar potato chips. Those were quite tasty, but I had to eat them with sour cream because they were otherwise too spicy for me.

      I haven’t heard the girls arguing at all. It’s pretty amazing. Even the hair color discussion was merely that. Unless they’re usually doing it behind doors, and I miss it. ??

      Yes, I frequently find occasion to remind them that Mom is always right. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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  5. It’s difficult enough to co-write a book. For siblings to be able to do so without bickering and disagreement is no small miracle. I give the sisters a LOT of credit, and their mom too! I co-authored one book (Twin Desires) with a friend, but we didn’t write it side by side. I’d write a chapter and send it to her, and she’d write the next chapter. Then we edited each other’s chapters so they’d be smooth. It worked out well, and we remained friends! A double plus.
    So, hun, good job in parenting and in making Chex Mix. I used to love that stuff!

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