Frog caught your heart?


My daughter, who grew up loving stuffed animal frogs, is now too old for them. {Brief moment of sad reflection.} And so it was time to rehome her amphibian friends.

This was the first to go:

“Rita” the Frog waiting for a ride in the laundry basket.

As I handed the giant frog to her new owner, who is, ironically, a teenage girl, I said, “She goes by Rita, but will respond to anything.”

The girl held the stuffed animal out in front of her and, with a gleam in her eye (the girl’s, not the frog’s), said, “You shall be called, ‘Rita’!”

Clearly, it seemed to me, this girl knew that the name fit.

I reported the happy news to my daughters: Not only had the frog gone to a new loving home, she would be able to retain her name! “Isn’t that wonderful?” I said.

I was met with blank stares. Didn’t my children personify animals the way I did?? Didn’t they care?!

“Uh, Mom,” the youngest of the three finally found the courage to say, “That frog’s name was Katherine.”

So much for me helping Rita/Katherine transition smoothly to her new home. :/

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  1. Rita/Katherine – details, pff. Everyone knows that parent like people get names all wrong. My brothers and I stopped correcting her creative use of names when we turned thirty.

    and for the record I’m was also known and Bill, Rick, and from time to time as Bob … I was afraid to ask who Bob was …

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  2. That’s hilarious. My son had a stuffed whale as a child that got torn apart by the dog. Instead of mending it, I bought him a new one. That didn’t work at all. The old one is still in the mending pile (Sean’s 34 now).

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  3. Oh man! Your comedic timing is superb, as always!
    I was having such an “Awwww” moment, until your punchline!
    I’m sure Rita/Katherine will be very much loved in her new home.

    My sister & I spoke to all our stuffed toys & had all sorts of adventures with them … but oddly, neither of my daughters do/did – they seemed to be additional pillows for them. It definitely affected me more than they when it’s time for them to be put away.

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  4. Oh, my goodness, Betsy, You have struck a nerve when it comes to special β€œstuffies” in our family. Ha, ha….the gleam in the girl’s eye, not the frog’s. Don’t feel bad about the Katherine/Rita thing. You are an awesome Mom finding “Rita” a new home!πŸ™‚

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  5. What a funny story! Someone just gave me a plush manatee. And really, names are important. I decided, don’t ask how, that the thing was male. I named him Orlando. Florida connection. A girl would have been Naples. I’m a grandmother. Don’t tell anyone.

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  6. Isn’t “Rita” one of the short forms of “Katherine”?

    Oh, darn, no, Wiktionary gives it as short for “Margarita”. Come on, man, “Margaret” already has far too many short and alternate forms than it deserves, so I’m claiming Rita for Katherine.

    Let’s see…”Rita” sounds like a form of “Richard”, “Richard” could be a version of “Cathar”…whee, Three Degrees Of Froggie!

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  8. Oh no, Betsy! πŸ˜€The classic mother mistake! Never get a teddy bear’s name wrong – been there, done that – many times! But my counter-argument is that my son had far too many with nearly 80!πŸ˜€ However, it’s even worse if you get the girlfriend’/boyfriend’s s name wrong in later years – still have to make that mistake!

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  9. Ha! I like both names:) I once had a cow named after me, when I was like three years old. A babysitter, who lived on a farm, took care of cows, and one gave birth the day before she was supposed to babysit me, so she named it Cecilia, which seemed strange to me, even as a three-year-old.

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