On grocery clerks and birthdays


Have any of you made friends with the staff at your local grocery store? (If you have, tell me in the comments. I’d love to hear about it.) The meat guy at one place always says hi and makes small talk. One of the check-stand ladies in the same store calls me “girlfriend” or “little momma.”


Remember this guy? Exhibit A: Boy

Another lady, when I was pregnant with Joe, said that she was telling her daughter, “You know the lady with three girls, two are redheads? She’s having a BOY!” Not only are we chummy, she talks about me to her daughter—wild.

Then, of course, there’s the CM Guy, who can’t seem to be rid of me. On my last visit to his store, there were two lanes open—neither manned by him. But, since both lines were backed up, the checker in my lane picked up her phone and called, “Check stand help,” or something.

A minute later, scurry scurry—because that is the only word that accurately describes the CM Guy’s speedy and purposeful walk. The man takes his job seriously.

So he scurries past the bagging side of the check stands, lifts and arm to point, and says, “I can take the next customer over here.”

Since I, as fate would have it, was the next customer, I moved over, saying, “Are you sure you want to do that?”

“For you, yes. At least, that’s what I’ll say to your face.”


“You want to hear something crazy?” I say, as I load my items onto the conveyor belt. I’m not looking at him, but I can tell he’s standing there like, “You need to ask?” So I add, “Other than me?”

“You knew where my mind was going with that.”


Double chuckle.

“I had to look up on my blog when that first Chex Mix thing happened so I could link it in my latest post, and, do you know how long ago that was?”

“Was it a year already?”

He was way better at this game than I expected.

“Yes! Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year.”

Apparently, he could. Still, to me, that seemed crazy. Well, you know, even for me.

And this time, when I was in the produce section, I looked harder for bags by the fruit and found them. I swear they were hiding before. I grabbed a bag each of purple and green grapes for the game night I hosted Saturday in honor of my birthday tomorrow. I won’t tell you how old I’m turning. I’ll just heave a heavy sigh and let you draw your own conclusions.

Some friends couldn’t make it this past Saturday, so my fabulous husband merely suggested we host another one this coming Saturday. You only turn, uh, “35” once, right?


A cake with a boat load of candles, compliments of pixabay.com. You don’t need to count them. Just rest assured that it’s, uh, pretty accurate.

If I don’t find another good price on grapes, which sat alongside our standard chips and salsa and cheese and crackers, I may have to bust into my coveted Chex Mix stash. Or I could just splurge on non-sale price grapes. People like to have a healthy alternative, right?

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. I ate pounds of grapes–every day–when I was pregnant. Both times. Almost none since then. So, are you pregnant????

    About the grocery clerks, I did think I was friends with them, at my local Von’s. They chat, quick friendly snippets. We talked about fun stuff. Then the store went on strike and she was horrible–screaming and yelling at me, blocking my way. Fair weather friend doesn’t begin to describe it.

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    • Pretty sure I’m not pregnant, but I, too ate loads of fruit in general with my girls. Not so much the boy. Strange.

      Ugh. I remember that strike season several years back. That was awful. I remember they were still nice about it, at least around here. They quietly milled with their signs and their mournful expressions. Maybe that lady felt betrayed.


    • I love old people! They’re really such treasures. Ah, the dark side… These pics are oldies but goodies. Joe now does his “dark side” business in the potty, but I couldn’t resist resurrecting these old photos. He was just the most adorable thing ever! Thanks for the happy birthday wishes, DWP!

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  2. Happy birthday! My husband makes friends with all the clerks at grocery store, Walmart. Me not so much. I’m the one who wants to get in and out and back home ASAP. We do live in a small town but many times when we are at a restaurant or the mall someone will say hi to him. They are one of the clerks at one of the stores where he has shopped. He knows them all.

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  3. Happy birthday! Sorry I couldn’t make either party. Is husband up for throwing a third???? 😉 .

    I do not care for grocery shopping. That being said…I do like to talk to the people I interact with at shops/stores/cafes etc. I find everyone’s story interesting. I like hearing what they are willing to share.

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  4. Oh I definitely can’t tell any stories. I am blessed with a husband who thinks grocery shopping is fun! I make the list, answer the 5 phone calls every week when he goes and I bring the groceries in as he hands me the bags from the garage. We both put them away in the house. Yes I am spoiled!

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    • If classic television tells us anything, making friends with the bartender is a great way to live. Perhaps there needs to be a sitcom about a local grocery store. I can see it now: Our protagonist walks in and everyone shouts her name.
      Who knows, maybe CM Guy CAN pour a tequila soda–in the privacy of his office, after each of my visits. (He’s the manager, too.)


  5. Hope you are having a fab birthday month, fellow Sept Baby!

    Your supermarket tales always crack me up – gotta love CM guy, right?

    I love a neighbourhood chummy feel to grocery shopping. I shop at several stores depending on where my driving duties find me. But I always love it when I bump into a familiar face: like when the Deli guy know my order even before I ask for it (always “1 Roast Chicken, and 150g Honey Baked Ham, shaved”). Or when checkout Lady asks how Older Daughter is doing in college then sighs about her wayward son.

    But I admit, when I am in a hurry (and I try very hard not to be), I do duck into a different lane so that I can make a quick getaway!

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    • Happy birthday month to you too!
      So cool about the deli guy knowing your order. I rarely see someone I know at the store. I guess that means I have to make do with the staff. 😉
      Thank you for reading and enjoying!


  6. Happy birthday, slightly late!
    I’m friends with the flower man. He always tell us the Latin name of the flower and how to treat them..then we forget and they die and we have to go back. My girl always gets a little rose that’s only hers.

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    • I’m sure the now two surveys I’ve filled out singing his praises will help the cause.
      My birthday was lovely–a dear blog friend took the time to send me an e-card with a kitten! It doesn’t get much better than that, unless, of course, she had sent an actual kitten. Next time. 😉

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      • I’ll take what I can get. 🙂 There are a couple on our street that we sometimes see and stop to pet on our way to the mail box. It’s terrific cat therapy. There’s also a white one with an orange tail that I frequently see walking through our backyard, but whenever I try to get closer, it runs away. :/


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