“You again.”


“You again,” the Chex Mix Guy said with a smile. “Is there a sale on I don’t know about?” (If you missed it, you can read the first installment of the Chex Mix Guy saga here.)

I gestured toward my few non-Chex Mix items displayed on the conveyor belt before him. “You’d know it if there were.” He’d already scanned my, ahem, two cartons of ice cream.

chexmix“What you got last time should last you a few months.”

“I don’t know about months,” I said. “Maybe weeks.”

He nodded his agreement.

“Did you read the latest post about you?”

“Yes, but what about from the last time you were here?” he said.

“I was going to, but I thought people might be getting tired of these stories.”

“There should be a post every time you come,” he said.

So, in compliance with my enabler supplier, that’s what happened yesterday. The time before that, when I arrived at the store on the appointed day–the day highlighted and circled several times on my calendar–the day, you guessed, that my special shipment of Rain Check Cheddar Chex Mix was due to arrive, I first headed to the produce section to pick up some plums. (See, I can buy healthy stuff too.)

Someone scurried past me. I turned to look.

“I’m just going to make sure it came in,” the CM Guy said with nary a preamble.

As I was selecting peaches, he returned with a box, opened to display the Golden Goodness.

I smirked and began counting out my ten, as per the Rain Check agreement.

“I’ll sell you the whole box for 88c each,” he told me.

Saying nothing, I took the box off his hands and deposited it in my cart.


Note the box held 12, so I didn’t go TOO crazy. Also note the expiration date–June 2020. Ha. As if.

He hurried back to his check stand.

“Thank you,” I called.

“Thanks for the survey,” he called back.

After our last encounter, I’d filled out the survey, giving the store top marks and noting CM Guy’s heroic service with the Rain Check to appease Crazy Chex Mix Lady (my apparent nickname. If the shoe fits…) In my survey response, I’d used the words “crime against humanity” in reference to the store’s utter lack of Chex Mix on the shelf and mentioned being about to call The Hague, when CM Guy saved the day.

I might’ve known he’d see that.

So, CM Guy, if you’re reading this, I had to walk a considerable distance to get produce bags for my peaches and plums, past the green organic bags, and even farther to the clear I-like-to-eat-healthy-but-I’m-not-rich produce bags. I’ll have to eat a lot of Chex Mix to earn back those wasted calories.

Do somethin’ about that, would ya?

And, no, everyone, I didn’t actually circle and highlight the day my Chex Mix was due to arrive. I didn’t need to write it down. I knew I’d remember.

What’s your snack of choice or item you stock up on whenever possible?

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  1. The phrase, “You again?” is interesting, because it’s the same thing I say when my boss stops by my desk.

    and if I could buy cheep, endless junky snack food, it would be Cheetos. Just plan, regular Cheetos.

    Come on – no stranger than buying 12 bags of Chex Mix …

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  2. True story: a day or two after your last Chex Mix post, when I lamented that I’d never actually tried Chex Mix before, a bag magically appeared at work. With trembling fingers, I unwrapped it, grabbed a handful, and shoved it in my mouth.

    It was satisfyingly crunchy, hitting all the key salty points. But the textural contrast was what really won me over.

    I have to admit, it’s good stuff!

    My go-to snack to stock up on is Sea Salt & Black Pepper Skinny Pop popcorn. I have five bags in the basement because that flavor is near impossible to find here. Yes, I can buy regular Skinny Pop and add my own salt and pepper, but for some reason it just isn’t the same.

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    • Niiiiiiiiiice, Mark. I’m so glad you got to try some. However, I’m guessing that was just the traditional flavor. Good, yes, but it has nothing on the Cheddar. And now, Bwiing! That was my magic wand sound–may there be Cheddar Chex Mix waiting for you at work tomorrow!

      As to the Salt ‘n Peppa (cue 90s pop song), I’ve had salt and pepper potato chips, which are tasty, but have yet to try it as popcorn. Naturally you’ve stocked up on. I know all about your stocking up abilities. 🙂

      BTW, fwded your last post to my husband. Your driving around and seeing the sights is sooo tempting. We gotta rent and RV and haul the kids out some day.

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  3. LOL! Love this! I wonder if CM guy checks the sales ads ahead of time and makes sure he’s on duty when you usually come. Or maybe he tries to switch but everyone knows he’s the only one who can handle the Crazy Chex Mix Lady 😀 But you have to admit ice cream works in a pinch 😀

    I like the bold CM. And the Turtle. Not a big fan of cheddar CM, but I like goldfish crackers. So little, so crunchy, and fun to play aquarium with (pretend aquarium, because they melt in real ones 😀 )

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    • I have told the CM Guy he needs to check the ads and order ahead when there’s a sale. Maybe now he’s learned his lesson. I was lucky he was on duty when I went that day. He isn’t always (and it’s boring when he’s not). There’s also more to the story, but… space.

      I do love my ice cream, too…

      Bold’s not bad, but it apparently makes my breath smell horrible. I can’t smell it, but the taste lingers, so I believe it… even post teeth brushing. (TMI?) Funny, I’ve never been huge on goldfish crackers. I’m guessing you developed your love for them before Cheddar CM entered your life, and there was just no comparing.

      Funny story: when my oldest was young, I took her, in stroller, to the aquarium. She was munching on goldfish when we were about to walk/stroll in. An employee said she wasn’t allowed to have food inside. I said, “But it’s fish!” He looked a bit concerned until I smiled to indicate I was joking. His first thought was probably, “Uh oh. Crazy lady.” I guess I get that a lot.

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  4. Being greeted by “you again” – is that good or bad? 🙂 The snack I find hard to resist is potato chips. Since I am a diabetic I need to limit that snack – my husband usually has to take the bag from me when I have overdone it .

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    • Fortunately it was said with a smile. 🙂
      My mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She, too, LOVES potato chips, but now has to cut back or not eat them at all (I forget which). I can imagine how difficult that must be!

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    • 🙂 There will always be bowlfuls of Chex Mix on hand. Funny you say this, though, as just last night I was thinking about an upcoming party we’re hosting and how I should put out Chex Mix! I still have plenty.


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