The saga continues


I’m talking about, you guessed it, Chex Mix.

The sale was even better this week: 88c instead of the usual 99. (Girlfriend loves a bargain.) So I trotted my way to the appropriate aisle, and lo and behold–empty, as in, M-T. Not even a straggler hiding at the back of the shelf. You know I checked.

I bought my other items and headed for the check out line. As fate would have it, the only non-express lane was manned by none other than The CM Guy.

“I’d like to lodge a complaint with the manager,” I said, feeling clever because he’s a manager, I think.

“NO Chex Mix,” I added, as though he couldn’t have guessed my dilemma.

“I could issue you a rain check. Then, when it’s back in stock you can come get it at the sale price.”

“Really?!” I think my eyes actually bugged out a little.

“Gotta keep the Crazy Chex Mix Lady happy.”

I guess I’m not the only one with a Chex Mix-related nickname.

Then he asked how many I wanted.

I thought about it. “Eight?”

His gaze left the form to look at me in disbelief. “That’s it?”


Apparently that sounded more like it. He handed me the slip and said I’d get a call when the good stuff was in.

Sometimes it pays to be a little crazy.


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  1. Yeah, me too. The last time I bought Chex in volume, I got 10 boxes of each kind to feed my family’s Chex Mix frenzy. That was when they stopped eating. I finally threw most of the boxes out five years later.



    • I picked the Chex Mix up yesterday. He saw me come in so brought a box over to me. I started to count out my ten when he said, “I’ll sell you the whole box for 88c if you’d like.” I said nothing, just grabbed the box and put it in my cart. It was 12, so not too crazy.


  2. I’ve only ever had Chex Mix a couple of times in my life, but I swear, your posts are making me curious to try it again.

    My version of CM would have to be Dot’s Pretzels. Or Cheez-Its. Or…WAIT A MINUTE…how about both of them together?!?!

    OMG. I think I just invented Swinged Cat Mix….

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