Kids grow up so fast.



One day my son is two. The next day he eats cold pizza for breakfast, so apparently he’s now in college. [My husband was on breakfast duty that day.]

My husband was googling what to do when your paint cans won’t close securely, so I asked him, “How did we find things out before Google?” He said, “We talked to people. This is much better.”

I did a radio interview that lasted about 5 minutes. When I came out of my room, my husband said, “Whoa. That was quick.” I explained that the station had an explosion and lost power. He said, “What did you say that made the radio station explode?”

The interview, which will be rescheduled, was for this book. Here’s a snippet from the chapter, “Cleaning Up.”

Every child is different, of course, but here are some suggestions for age-appropriate chores to use and adapt as you see fit. Two- to four-year-olds can stack books, put toys away, toss laundry in the hamper, and weed whack the yard. Five- and six-year-olds can make their beds, clear some of the table, sweep under it, and regrout the tile floor. Six- and seven-year-olds can sort laundry, put theirs away, set the table, dust, and drive the family van to the car wash. Eight- and nine-year-olds can load and unload the dishwasher, put away groceries, scrub toilets, vacuum or mop the floor, and file your taxes. Older kids can do all this and more, like reshingle the roof and field dress a deer.


When my oldest started washing dishes I felt like my life truly began.

What are your favorite chores to assign your kids?

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  1. It’s a bit different for a grandparent. Instead of, “clean your room” or “wash the dishes”, the chores I ask my kids to do are things like, “Pick up my meds,” or “Do you know where my car is,” or my favorite, “That’s your kid, you bail him out.”

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  2. Ah you are so right. Love the explosion and the radio interview ended. My story: I was doing a webinar with a host. My part was 30 minutes and then the host was to join me. Which he never did. Because he had lost power! Nothing I said for 30 minutes was records so I had to do the entire thing again.

    Sigh. Crazy electricity.

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  3. Ha ha! Clever Paul 🙂 He missed an opportunity to add a Vikings reference when the station exploded. You know, like “Are you sure the Vikings will win the Super Bowl this year?” LOL! Love the list of chores. If only they could regrout the tile and reshingle the roof–just think how much we could get done!

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    • I ended up having one too and was surprised that it wasn’t too bad, actually. Though, when it’s warm, you’re aware of all the grease you’re consuming and can dab it off with napkins. That’s the real difference in my mind.

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  4. My kids and chores…. they are adults and I still roll my eyes at that idea. They used to ask me what I wanted for (insert holiday here) gift. I would ALWAYS say “a clean house and my kids to be good”. I would still be happy with that! (just to be clear, my kids are good adults. in case I make them sound horrible, they are not). (Just to clarify that, sometimes they do drive me nuts.) . All of this was pretty much off topic. Sorry. Chores my kids did…. I’ll have to get back to you.

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  5. Loved the last chore of each age…lol We have our grandkids a lot. The other day I said to my husband, “Why do you dress our grandson (almost 5)? He said because he can’t do it himself. I said that’s funny because he does it by himself every time I tell him to get dressed, 🤣😂🤣😂 Grandpa is such a pushover!

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  6. I love cold pizza for breakfast. My husband thinks it’s gross. My kids are grown but they always helped clean up after meals as soon as they could reach the sink. By the time they were teens, I never had to wash a dish. It was understood Mom did the cooking, then she got to relax while they cleaned up. After they all left home, I had to learn how to clean up after a meal again. I love it when they come to visit because I get out of cleaning up after the meal again.

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  7. Cold pizza for breakfast = college? I must have an advanced degree – my fave breakfast!! And I just had a run-in with a paint can that wouldn’t close securely…I forgot about Google and just used the opposite end of the screwdriver to jam it shut 😀 My fave chore to assign my kids is equipping them with a magic eraser sponge and discovering and eliminating their paw prints from the walls.

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