The toddler and the baby


Little Joe was so sweetly and lovingly holding a baby doll, hugging and kissing it, I thought, “Awh, he’ll make a good dad some day, or perhaps big brother.”

Then he banged the doll’s head on the ground and yelled, “Ow!” Not once or twice, but three times.


Nice, baby. Niiiice. A few seconds before “Wham! Wham!”



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  1. A friend of mine, mother of 3 [boy, boy, girl] claimed that boys will turn anything into a tool or weapon while girls will turn anything into a baby or pet. I don’t know for sure, of course… but there you go.


  2. Boys? I’ve seen girls about that age and a little older do the same thing, in just about the same sequence. Once I saw a pair of girls dragging a doll up and dropping it down some steps repeatedly — but that time I was supplying the “Ow! Ow! Ow!” effects while they laughed.

    I remember holding a baby doll like that (not in a box, though) when I was that age. I don’t remember torturing the realistic baby, but sure did beat up Popeye, Pinocchio, and various animal dolls. And just about all kids, even if they’re trying to be nice to their dolls as they walk along, will revert to dragging them by a foot.

    I still have Wolfie (who survived by the luck of being acquired when I was already 8, but still got punched in the snout a lot — some by my little sister — but he shouldn’t’ve bitten us) and Emmet Kelly.

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  3. A boy in a cardboard box, with a doll, loving, lashing out — he’s just dealing with a few issues. A few decades of counseling and he’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.

    When he starts give dolls head transplants, then you can worry …

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  4. When I was 3 years old and my brother came home from the hospital (not a doll obviously), my mom caught me showing all the neighbor kids that my brother was just like a doll. My proof? His head had soft spots that you could push. “Here, you try!”

    My mom was furious. I’m not sure how long we had all been pushing on his soft spots before she caught us, but his head was covered in fingerprints. The worst part was that she had warned me against exactly this sort of behavior.


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