Another husbandism


“Today was pretty low key.

So yesterday was Thor.

Which is ironic because today is Thor’s Day.”Β  (Did you get it? Low key as in Loki, Thor’s brother? And today, Thursday, really is Thor’s Day, since it was named for the Viking god.)

This is what I have to deal with, people. If you like his jokes and puns, see more here and here, at your own risk.


Here he is putting in the last screws of our much-smaller-than-advertised chicken coop. Fear not, fowl lovers. Once it was put together in the shade, he and I easily carried it to a grassy spot in the yard. Next he’s building a pen to give our future chickens more exercise. (Also, he looks kind of Frankensteiny with those screws in his mouth and forehead wrinkled with effort. Rest assured, I did not marry Frankenstein’s monster. Though if I had, I’d have less puns to deal with.)

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  1. Chickens? Chickens. Okay, chickens. I’ve always wondered if Frankenstein’s neck bolts got in his because he had them in his mouth, then swallowed them, and the bolts got caught sideways. Just keep your chickens away from bolts.

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  2. Wow! The chickens πŸ” will love this new home.

    Are you growing squash or zucchini? I am referring to the green plant with vines behind your husband. My squash plants did not grow much in last one month and half (we live in the desert 🌡).

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  3. I love a good pun. Unfortunately for my partner, I am the one with the bad jokes and puns. I get it from my dad. Once he told me he tried tap dancing but he kept falling in the sink πŸ˜‚.

    Them are some lucky chickens. They’re going to love it πŸ™‚

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  4. I have to be honest, it went RIGHT over my head. But, once explained, I greatly appreciated it. Does that count? And yeah, chickens??? For the eggs? The opportunity to teach children about animals/self-reliance/farming???? I admire it.

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  5. Your handy man is a good man. I’m glad he is looking out for the chickens. I will go remind mine that he needs to be nicer to me considering my ancestor pretty much named all weekdays. That should count for something.

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