“Tell us a story!”


My husband gets this from our girls frequently at bedtime, even though I just read to them and it’s past their bedtime. This is how he responded tonight. “Once upon a time there was a girl who asked for a story, and her dad said no. The end.”

And because I’m sure you’re all wondering how Baby Joe is looking these days, here he is at ten months. Can you believe it’s been ten months?! (Neither can I.)



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    • I know, right? He’ll be a year before I know it. Can hardly believe it. And the locks are on the under-the-sink cabinets again. My husband put them on, and I’m like, “And so it begins….” I remember how excited we were when we finally took them off years ago. 🙂

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    • Ha. The lemons. The boy loves his lemons. He does bite into the peels sometimes, and I can smell the zest. Next we’ll move on to oranges and then grapefruit. When he’s one he can juggle watermelons.


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