That’s my girl.


Middle Daughter is in 4th grade. A recent math assignment asked her to draw certain dots and make an observation about the pattern. Here’s the answer key:

L math2

4. (a) shows the pattern; (d) shows “Possible observations” that can be made: “Each group of dots can be divided into a square and a right triangle; the difference between the total number of dots in each pair of terms increases as the pattern continues.”

Here’s my daughter’s answer sheet:L math

Note her last sentence: “I observe that every term after term 2 looks like a Jawa barge.”

Really, I should say, that’s her daddy’s girl, as he’s the biggest Star Wars fan in the family. Still, take that math answer key! Let’s see you make a more astute observation!

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  1. I’ve heard of creative non-fiction in writing, but I didn’t know that they taught creative math. So cool, I’d have gotten an “A” in that class. And I am not completely sure on this, but I’m sensing that you’re feeling her answer deviated from the answer key a little too much.


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  3. It’s always a noble gesture to give your teacher a good laugh especially when it’s her mommy. it will be interesting what your other child will write when it’s her turn for the lesson.


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